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Why Buy a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Why Buy a Learning Management System (LMS)?

Last week I reviewed the benefits of an LMS.   In today’s article I focus a little more on the larger picture by noting several important reasons why buying an LMS is strategically important.

  1. To gain market share over competitors who only meet minimum work standards by using the LMS to train your employees to meet high quality standards.
  2. To decrease costs of safety compliance in an environment of ever increasing non-compliance penalties as shown here, here, here, here, and here.  Training your workforce to comply with OSHA regulations ultimately increases safety which reduces accidents and thus reduces penalties.
  3. To save management time by instantly producing detailed reports and analysis showing current and historical training activity.
  4. To schedule initial and follow-up courses based on employee’s training history, role, and other variables.
  5. To easily manage employee training requirement by simplifying the dynamic workforce environment caused by turnover and organizational changes.
  6. To enable global, cross-functional, and cross-enterprise teams by providing goal alignment and visibility of team effectiveness to senior management.
  7. To create new revenue streams and improve customer loyalty by providing education to customers through the LMS.
  8. To reduce employee turnover by increasing job satisfaction and safety by enabling access to training anywhere, anytime.  In today’s connected world, enabling users to review multimedia training at home, or even on the shopfloor is achievable.

In summary, an LMS leverages today’s technology to increase profits and company competitiveness in an increasingly complex business environment.

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