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Reliable because
the stakes are high.

Responsive because
change is constant.

GyrusAim LMS is built to ensure society’s most critical organizations have the prepared workforce they need to succeed. 




Life Sciences

GyrusAim: A Comprehensive LMS

Workforce development is a focus of nearly every organization. But for our customers, those who serve as the backbone of society, there is simply more at stake. Training for safety and compliance is nothing short of critical. It is driven by a need to reduce risk- the risk that could cost millions of dollars, or worse, lives. Terrible costs that can be avoided when the workforce is prepared.

We at Gyrus, know that backbone industries need a stable, trustworthy partner to help them navigate an ever-changing landscape. We’ve engineered a proven technology platform that is easy to use and holds up to the most challenging environments. And we take pride in offering personalized support.

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GyrusAim Rated in top 5 in rating


GyrusAim Rated in top 5 in ratings


GyrusAim Rated in top 5 in ratings


GyrusAim Rated in top 5 in ratings


Why Choose Gyrus

to Service

We know the stakes are high, so we are always quick to respond to ensure you have what you need when you need it.


Our LMS is designed to be flexible and can adapt seamlessly to changing regulations. This ensures your organization stays compliant without any disruption to your training programs.

Competitive and
Transparent Pricing

Our fair, transparent, and competitive pricing makes GyrusAim accessible to all organizations.

Industry Awards

GyrusAim for All Your Training Needs

Industries Served

Our Capabilities designed to
meet your unique needs

Our Capabilities designed to meet your unique needs

Built For

Training in vital fields and highly regulated environments isn’t one-size-fits-all. Gyrus starts with a proven platform and works with you to design the right mix of features, integrations, and customizations to fit your needs, no matter what they may be.

With Reliance

We know that in your world, compliance is king. We work with you to make sure your training stays compliant. Rest assured, you can rely on GyrusAim to keep you in compliance.


Gyrus is always pushing the boundaries of what LMSs are capable of, from how we design technology, to how we serve our customers, to how we collaborate with others. We’re ready to keep pace with your ever evolving  organization.

It Simple

From easy-to-use technology to easy-to-understand pricing
structures, when you work with Gyrus, you know what to expect with every interaction. Your work is complex – but your learning system doesn’t have to be.
We work to make it easier.


Proven LMS for your Compliance Needs

Proven LMS For Your Compliance Needs-GyrusAim LMS Software

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