What makes video-based learning the best training mode?

Viren Kapadia October 18, 2021
What makes video-based learning the best training mode?

Recently the trend of video-based learning has become a popular mode of training around the world. Video is rapidly taking over the digital world as it's becoming a key strategy in designing courses for various kinds of training programs. For its ease of access and high-quality teaching facility, video-based learning is gaining momentum day by day and becoming a widely used model of eLearning systems all over the world. Video holds ease of access quality when it comes to choosing from the mode of the training system. When a particular topic is covered through video, it becomes the most comprehensive way to deliver the subject notes to the learner. When video-based learning is incorporated with an LMS, it becomes a more practical approach to providing users quality content.

The benefits of video-based learning:

Video-based learning provides the students with an exciting platform incorporated with an advanced user interface that could be easily operated by the learners and the instructors. They can also follow the practical and innovative approach for the course curriculum. By doing so, the learner understands the subject matter more conveniently. Here are some of the benefits of video-based learning.

Learning in the motion:

Videos add life to the whole learning process by making it engaging, and thus, learning is no more monotonous work. Videos are grabbing attention rapidly for some valid reasons, and this is one of the most important reasons behind their growing popularity. Students are using this emerging technology to easily learning new things. Furthermore, due to the ongoing pandemic worldwide, video-based learning is becoming more helpful these days, and it will continue in the coming years. Also, the learners who are busy and engaged in other work or other activities can learn from video-based learning modules quickly by accessing them whenever they can use them at their convenience.

It helps to increase learner and trainer engagement:

In the video-based learning mode, both the learner and the trainer get a chance to communicate with an audio and visual medium where they could always participate, and even initiate a conversation. This is one of the most prominent benefits of the video-based learning system. From school classrooms to higher studies and coaching institutions and business organizations, digital learning as video-based learning is an effective way to engage students in a more impactful way.

Reduces overload and helps to maximize retention:

Video-based learning allows reducing the cognitive overload that eventually helps in maximizing retention for a specific training module. It is one of the essential factors behind video-based learning that is gaining popularity so rapidly.

Provides a simple yet practical learning experience:

In the video-based learning system, as in this mode, the learner gets ample opportunity to engage in the lecture and know more about the practical approach. Also, the trainer gets a chance to provide instant solutions to the students as the whole process could be accessed virtually.

Nowadays, one thing that is becoming more and more popular with days is a live online classroom. It's pretty popular among students and gaining more attraction than traditional classroom sessions. The learning experience is more advanced and broadly improved because there is an option to provide some visual examples.

Powerful videos make a difference:

Today, videos are made using recent trends like visual effects, visual storytelling, animation, and illustrations. Also, video lectures could be created with a varied range of ideas that make diverse content too. Whatever may be the concept of the course subjects, videos do make some powerful impact on the audience in a large amount. In some cases, even the teacher or the instructor doesn't need to be present in the video lecture to guide his students accordingly. A simple yet intelligent animation could design the course module videos and give a clear idea of the concept. Here lies the innate power of video-based learning systems.

A real-time experience:

For many learners who are curious to know more, having a thirst for gathering knowledge beyond the syllabus and a specific curriculum, a video-based learning system is the best practice. It offers an exciting user interface that could be operated in real-time. Following the practical, innovative approach towards the course material, the learner gets a vivid idea of the subject matter. In most cases, this unique feature of a video-based learning system significantly impacts building a difference in the learning field.

It's a cost-effective approach:

Video-based learning is simple to apply, and it's very flexible to access. One of the best things is that it follows a cost-effective approach that makes it easy to set up, create, and share content with others. In most cases, to do a video-based learning module, the instructor does not need to travel, and this eventually helps in reducing the cost of transportation. Also, the video set-up requires only minimum elements when it's compared to a traditional classroom. Thus, most of the video learning course programs offer a cost-effective approach for everyone.

The bite-sized learning module:

The video-based mode of training module often provides bite-sized course lectures that strengthen the purpose of micro-learning. It supports the on-demand training approach that is needed at this moment. The modules are short, crisp, and engaging, yet they are profound and impactful.

Scope for better revision:

This scenario often comes when some students want to do a quick revision, or might have missed a lecture for some reason; they want to access that particular lecture once again. In video-based learning, this scope is also offered. It's a perfect solution where the learners can access the recorded video lectures whenever possible at their convenience.

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