Ways to master Instructor-Led Training with LMS

Viren Kapadia August 9, 2021
Ways to master Instructor-Led Training with LMS

In the learning management system, people can learn through an online medium with various resources and flexibility in time. Many people think that, in an LMS, they could only access online study materials and cultivate new skills. But they can't confirm if there is any availability of personal instructor and face-to-face training in an LMS. So, the good news is in an LMS, and there is ample opportunity of being educated through an instructor-led training module. Moreover, this helps in professional development for employees and makes eLearning an easy task for both the employees and training officials.

It also helps save time and money by providing the whole learning set up virtually, as per their convenience.

You may wonder how a learning management system can be a flexible choice to provide an instructor-led training program. For this purpose, you need expertise in some crucial places and research on those areas before starting the training session.

Let's have a closer look at how can you master the instructor-led LMS by following these steps:

Building a model for the instructor-led training:

When you start designing an LMS with an instructor-led module, the first thing that comes to your mind is choosing a proper structure for the training. There are many kinds of models available in the market, but you need to choose them very carefully as here it depends on the whole training strategy.

In some structures, there may be one session, or they might include more than one session. Upon that, the employees should have only one instance or have multiple instances for the sessions.

When it's one session with one instance structure, the employees will attend the class together for only one time as per the instruction.

When the structure has one session with more than one instance, it will schedule different employees at different time slots and different classrooms to hear the same lecture. Dividing your class into short fragments of employees makes you comfortable delivering instructions with more clarity and assessing the course more carefully.

Some of the models have multiple sessions with one instance of each session, consisting of the same group of employees attending several different instruction sessions. This structure suits you best when you need to conduct training for a small group of employees. It is usually based on a topic that might take more time than one session.

Another kind of structure consists of multiple sessions along with more than one instance available for each session. They will have each of the sessions associated with two or more instances.

Training model and structure play a pivotal role in building the training strategy. So it's required to research well before choosing the training model for the LMS.

Choosing a perfect location for the training:

Another important thing that should be kept in mind while scheduling an instructor-led LMS is specifying the training location.

An LMS could have its training location in a conference room, or it could have a dedicated training room in the warehouse or an offsite hotel. Sometimes, an LMS is set up through a third-party training consultant. An instructor-led LMS training office could be set up anywhere as per convenience.

Offering the freedom of selecting the training schedule:

In a learning management system, you will be benefited from the advantage that you can choose your learning schedule by yourself. When the list is provided to the employees, they can specify their class or sessions by choosing a suitable date and time slots. Once you choose them, the list will be updated, and after the final decision, the updated list will be sent to the employees and all the essential information.

Another advantage is this list is also visible to other administration officials to prepare their training schedules as per their own choice.

Employees can self-register in the classes whenever they find a suitable time slot, and this way, the training session will have a smooth flow of work without much interruption.

Appointing a trainer for the sessions:

One of the best advantages of a learning management system is, here, the employees can select their instructors by themselves.

Moreover, if you want to schedule a class with multiple sessions and multiple instances, you can choose the same instructor for all of them or select different instructors for each session or instance.

Introducing new projects to the employees:

In a learning management system, assigning employees, the necessary training follows an easy process.

As an additional advantage, an LMS makes it an easy task for you to select employees, or a team, or a specific department, etc. Moreover, it's an excellent strategy to boost the employees' performance level by assigning them to new projects to reveal their full potential to work with more energy.

Providing a list of training schedules to the employees:

After assigning the sessions to the employees, they will get notifications of the assignment. Then, they will be able to search their schedules of the training session on a list of all the assigned class slots. Clicking on the proper space within the list in the LMS, they will get notified with all the critical information like date, time, training venue, name of the instructor, etc.

Acknowledging the efforts and giving rewards:

When you are using a learning management system, you can examine the performance of the employees. Additionally, after the completion of their training session, you can see whoever has completed the training.

It's always an excellent strategy to motivate your employees to give them credit for their hard work, efforts, and dedication. So, you can assign them a certificate of achievement for the success that they have made taking part in the training.

Generating reports for the employees:

Another advantage of using an LMS is the reports of the employees are stored forever in the repository systems. Administration officials can have lifetime access to the reports whenever they need to supervise. So, when it comes to storing the final reports after the completion of the training, an LMS offers the advantage of being a computerized learning system where the reports could be stored and retrieved easily.

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