Transforming Learning Through Mobile: Managers On-The-Go

Jul 7, 2015
Transforming Learning Through Mobile: Managers On-The-Go

Mobile Learning is One-Top Choice for Learning

As a manager it is hard to stay tied to your desktop computer to check on the progress and status of your employees participating in eLearning. The lack of accessibility is not the only complaint about traditional eLearning. A quick internet search shows that both users and managers dislike the boredom and inability to focus when stuck at a computer for a long training session. Mobile Learning, or mLearning, is the solution.

Mobile Learning Aims to Give Flexibility to Manager

Gyrus Systems’ MobileAim is not just for employees on-the-go, it is also designed to provide managers with more flexible schedules by allowing them to manage employees while in or out of the office. MobileAim has several tools designed specifically with the manager in mind: "My Enrollments," "My Assessments,” and “Manage My People” are key features that make life easier for a manager.

Mobile Learning - Track the Training Progress

While your staff is in the field or on-call you can easily track their training progress via "Manage My People." "My Enrollments" allows you to check on your students’ enrollment status and learning status, as well as all eLearning events.  When it is time to give an assessment, the instructor can manage it from the “My Assessments” feature. Once an employee completes an assessment, the manager receives results in real time.

Mobile Learning Increases Employee Productivity

mLearning allows your employees to stay connected to their training through their mobile device, accessing it on their own time.  Employees no longer need to attend long training sessions, which reduces company training costs and travel expenses. This flexibility also creates a more efficient workplace by minimizing employee's schedule interruptions to attend classes. According to a study conducted by Dell “more than two thirds of businesses have seen increases in employee productivity and customer support by allowing employees to use their mobile devices at work." (

Mobile Learning Makes Workplace More Efficient

Employees have a higher training completion rate when performed on their own time. Gyrus Systems’ MobileAim streamlines the process of providing tasks and information to your employees while giving you easy to use tools to monitor their development. The end result is a more efficient and competent workplace.