Top 5 Reasons Why Blended Learning Platforms Are Ideal For Corporate Training

Viren Kapadia December 17, 2021
Top 5 Reasons Why Blended Learning Platforms Are Ideal For Corporate Training

Digital transformation is taking place in every process. It's visible in the corporate training. Now, it is the duty of organizations to adopt the latest technologies for delivering optimal training programs that cover the skill gaps present in the work environment. Many companies face a situation where hiring employees with low skill sets doesn't give desirable results, whereas hired professionals demand high salaries. Blended learning platforms can solve this problem by providing the current workforce with in-demand skills. There is no need to rely on traditional training mechanisms when you have such a robust and advanced mechanism in place.

One of the top advantages of e-learning is they prepare your employees for the dynamic and competitive work environment in the smartest, fastest, and most cost-effective way possible. Training your employees will give you two main benefits. Firstly, you don't have to be concerned about the cost of hiring newly trained professionals expecting salary hikes as you are equipping the trained professionals with the best skills through e-learning programs. Secondly, your employee turnover will reduce at a substantial rate as the worker's satisfaction will increase positively because of investment in regular training sessions.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning, also called hybrid learning, is a teaching methodology that integrates technology with traditional instructor-led classroom activities. It customizes the learning experience and makes training even more accessible to smart learners.

According to recent studies, blended learning reduces failure rates, improves learning, and boosts the engagement of learners. With blended learning platforms, learners can smartly acquire 21st-century skills that are needed to succeed in today's professional environment.

Purpose of blended learning

By combining in-person and online learning, a blended approach offers a fully integrated classroom where the upskilling needs of every learner can be satisfied. It does not just keep students engaged, stimulated, and motivated, but also keeps teachers motivated to be more effective in their training process.

Fast learners will get the opportunity to upskill at their pace and get customized support. In addition to this, they can access an enormous library of developmentally appropriate learning materials anywhere with an internet connection or access to a mobile device. The upskilling options are endless with blended learning. This kind of flexibility is not possible in traditional classrooms.

Blended learning platforms are much more than just integrating technology and technology!

The blended training approach is indeed a mix of face-to-face, instructor-led learning, and online or digital course components. However, it's not a completely online course or a lecture course broadcast online. In this training method, the in-person and online elements work collaboratively to create a richer learning experience, not just duplicate course content in varying formats.

The plus point - Blended learning platforms take endless forms and can be customized for any learning method. Both students and teachers can benefit from this training approach. From scheduling assignments and scoring student submissions to tracking student progress, it can meet the holistic learning demand of today!

A learning management system is an ideal tool to deploy blended learning courses. Let's move ahead!

Why choose blended learning platforms for quality training?

The term flexibility has gained massive importance in recent times because of increasing work pressure and employee expectations. To match up to them, the workforce today looks for platforms that bring agility to the training programs. There is a notion that only traditional training doesn't bring efficiency to employee learning. Well, this is not true. Though online learning has multiple benefits, it does have its own setbacks. The learner engagement and course completion rates in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are as low as 5.5%. Only online learning libraries and curating content from various sources are not enough.

The thing that works best is the flexible combination of live instruction, online training, and practical projects, especially when combined with other vital elements that assure quality training through social sharing and management insight. It is called blended learning. Employees can't work and learn at the same time. Companies must ensure blended learning platforms as it brings the best of offline and online training. You must adopt this technology to create the most efficient workforce.

Top Reasons To Choose Blended Learning Platforms For Corporate Training

Blended learning is an ideal solution for upskilling your employees in comparison to a single-method approach in training. It is one of the strategies that can stimulate the interest of your employees and increase their engagement in training programs. Why rely on just one platform when you can smartly leverage the best of both platforms?! Here are the top 5 reasons that state why blended learning corporate training is an ideal solution in the true sense:

  • Unbeatable flexibility
  • Today millennials look for flexibility before going ahead with any training program. Also, the learning style of every user varies. Blended learning makes better sense here as it matches the learning demands of every employee. Instead of adopting one particular training, this method makes more sense for your organization. With a combination of online and offline learning, the demand of your kinesthetic and logical employees can be easily satisfied. They can access the content at their fingertips by having digital access.

  • Enhances Learning
  • Engagement in training sessions will be derived only when they'll find training sessions interactive. It's a bit difficult to individual online and offline methods. By attending online sessions and accessing e-learning resources digitally, employees can learn hassle-free without any discrepancies. In case of any doubt, they can take a one-on-one session with the instructor. Knowledge retention in training and development in HRM goes to the next level with a plethora of multimedia, presentations, instructor-led training, classroom workshops, real-life projects, gamification, and more options.

  • Better control over learning
  • Today's users learn best when they have better control over their training. Standard training is not that successful anymore as it bounds the learners in a fixed setup and schedule. Employees have to ensure the work processes as well. Knowing they need to manage their training and jobs, they will never settle for traditional or completely online methods.

    The blended learning experience is a must for corporate training as your employees are different from conventional students who can be present for sessions at a fixed time. They can even drop out if forced into this kind of training. With blended learning corporate training, employees can learn online at their pace instead of having the speed set by the instructors. By accessing the content, they can skip the familiar information or re-learn the resources as needed.

  • Lowers the training cost and improves ROI
  • The cost of training is much lower in online training software as there is no need for physical space. With only a fewer instructors, you can fulfill the responsibility of employee upskilling. Also, the return on investment (ROI) on training programs will automatically improve with increased employee performance and lower instructor fees, travel expenses, and training materials. Even the Ernst and Young report says that training costs reduce by 35% with online learning. Blended learning just saves more time and effort.

  • Assures Feedback
  • Blended learning enables plenty of feedback from employees. It is valuable for your company as it helps you the bottlenecks in training and development in HRM and how you can remove them. You can even access their performance through periodic online tests, quizzes, and projects as they demonstrate their retention levels in the vital learning processes. In case of any doubt, employees can contact their instructors to resolve them. By addressing their issues seamlessly, the motivation levels of your employees get a boost.

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