Top 5 Myths To Debunk About The Learning Management System

Viren Kapadia July 27, 2022
Top 5 Myths To Debunk About The Learning Management System

In the last decade, the world has experienced the rapid but steady growth of cloud-based learning systems. In the last two years, due to the raging coronavirus pandemic, online learning management systems have stormed the entire education and corporate sectors. Schools, colleges & universities are readily adapting LMS into their academic process. Similarly, corporate companies, whether it's a multinational giant or a mid-level firm, are using this online platform to impart training and development to their employees. But a lot of sectors and even companies are still hesitant about its various uses and utilities because of some misconceptions and myths. This article is all about debunking those alarming myths.

The world is driven by myths and misconceptions and that is why, despite having numerous benefits of e-learning programs and worldwide recognition, the learning management system is still considered to be an alien concept by the majority. A lot of institutions and companies, however, completely trust traditional methods of learning and development. Due to this, a lot of them are running behind in the race. But it is the right time to debunk these misconceptions so that every organization can reap the benefit of new-age learning management along with their traditional instructor-led program. Let’s find out the top 5 myths associated with online learning and training programmes and how to disprove them.

Myth 1 : LMS Is very expensive for small & mid-sized companies

It is one of the common misconceptions that introducing an LMS-based online employee training system will incur a huge cost. Well, introducing LMS to an existing system is an investment, but there are several ways to reduce the investment amount while reaping the same benefits. Startups and small and mid-level companies can go for cloud-based LMS solutions. Learning Management system providers provide a variety of monthly or yearly plans as per your requirement. You can choose it or even customise it. Furthermore, the LMS solution is completely scalable and can be easily upscaled or downscaled when needed. The LMS solution provider even offers a pay-only computing program system by which one can pay for the necessary utilities. In this way, cloud-based LMS solutions can change the scenario of any organization at a very effective cost.

Myth 2 : LMS is complex and hard to configure and even Time-consuming.

Often, it is heard that online training program software is a very complex process for creating a course module. Traditionally, companies or institutions used pre-existing videos, handbooks, or notes to create a course module. But with LMS things can be much more simple and exciting. You can find a lot of pre-existing modules which you can update or change, and you can even add your own elements. The basic setup of any topic is already available. All you have to do is incorporate your knowledge and details at any time to create an outstanding course module that learners can enjoy at any time of their convenience.

Myth 3 : LMS is difficult to maintain

To maintain an online employee training management system, a company has to deploy either an onsite or offsite LMS team, which is not always possible to maintain for various organizations. To get an easy solution, they can opt for cloud-based LMS solutions. which will not require an in-house set-up. The service provider can maintain and manage it and will provide 24x7 assistance to the team. Most of the LMS vendors offer personalized & scalable cloud-based LMS solutions that can be easily changed or configured as per the changing needs of an organization or an individual.

Myth 4 : LMS system lack personal level interaction

Personal level interaction is an important thing for learning and development. It is often heard that LMS for training companies are unable to offer interaction between learners and instructors. New Age LMS offers instructor-based learning engagement models where learners can freely interact with the instructor through embedded chat or while live streaming. Learners can interact with other learners or instructors simultaneously through various forums, leaderboards, or query corners.

Myth 5 : LMS model does not work for all learner types

It is believed that e-learning programs are only profitable for visual learners as they are more comfortable with one-on-one learning at their own pace and for those who don't need any explanation from the instructor. But the learning management system offers more than can be imagined. It offers auditory, visual, and even kinesthetic modes of training and learning which a learner can utilise depending on the course module, and even instructors can interact on an individual level on that basis.

Final Note

LMS is a new age method of learning & development, it prepares a learner to get ready for future challenges and keep them updated. This is one of the most popular methods of corporate training, and every company should include it. I hope this article has helped to debunk some of the misconceptions associated with LMS. If you want to include LMS in your training method, then wait no more and contact as they are one of the most renowned LMS service providers.