Things To Follow While Implementing Blending Learning With LMS

Viren Kapadia July 13, 2022
Things To Follow While Implementing Blending Learning With LMS

The process of learning and development in the corporate sector is changing gradually, and with the emergence of a variety of e-learning programs, companies have rushed the bandwagon and started to change their age-old traditional instruction led method. The last two years of global and economic crisis have made it obvious that it's time to modify the traditional method of learning and it is essential to introduce online corporate training. But one cannot deny the effectiveness of a face-to-face learning program. Similarly, online training also has widespread benefits which a corporate firm can never ignore. Thus, the only solution is blended learning.

The best part of blended learning corporate training is that it uses the best of both traditional and modern methods to impart a personalized, flexible, and updated course module that helps a learner to achieve his learning goals in the best possible way. The traditional method is instructor-led learning, which enables a learner to directly interact with the trainer in person and to clear up any confusion (if it arises). This type of training provides individual attention and face-to-face interaction. Whereas, online learning methods offer a more flexible and personalized experience. In this case, a learner can access the course module anywhere and at any time from any device. Furthermore, they can go through it as many times as possible.

Thus blended learning has become the talk of the town from every instructor to the learner and from school, college & universities to multinational giants all are introducing blended learning platforms to reap the benefits of modern learning methods. But those who are working or closely associated with the educational sector already know that implementation of blended learning with a learning management system is not an easy task. Rather, it is quite tricky. Here in this article, we will be discussing five ways to introduce a Learning Management System (LMS) into blended learning as a lot of industries are depending on a learning management platform to upgrade their workforce.

LMS-Led Virtual Learning

This is one of the best features provided by the LMS learning portal. It gives the learner the same benefit of a face-to-face training method through options like video streaming, live chat processes, audio streaming, and many more. It enables a remote learner to attend an instructor-led training session live and let him participate online. Here he can ask any question or answer anything through live audio or through an embedded chat process. But the most astonishing benefit provided by this LMS-led blended learning platform is that the live session can be easily recorded and can be played later as per convenience. Thus, if someone misses a session, he can hear it later, and the recorded version can be played multiple times.

Instructor-Led Training with LMS

In this feature, the instructor can schedule a live session and ask others to join that particular session at a specified time within their LMS. They can even decide whom to invite and who can participate in the session. Employees of learners can get to know about the session in advance, like what will be the topic of discussion, and what it will cover, so that they can prepare themselves. With the usage of various LMS tools, instructors can see who is joining the session, who is already listening, and what their reactions are. This revolutionary e-learning management system is currently being adapted by several organizations to achieve their goals.

Use LMS to Reinforce Learning

The human brain cannot store data for a longer period, thus it needs repetition. A single course of study or a single session is not enough to learn a new skill and it is very difficult to acquire and adhere to. The Online LMS learning portal gives the trainer a platform where he can deliver micro learning modules through various study materials, sheets, and a variety of updates to ensure that students can stick to them and the learning subject can be reinforced easily. This periodic reinforcement of the course module will help the learner stick to a subject until it hammers to his brain.

Personalized Learning Road Map

Every individual is different, and so are their capabilities. By using LMS-led blended learning platforms, trainers can customize learning materials according to a group's needs or an individual's needs. The learning management system provides a series of assessment tools through which a learner can pass an online assessment that helps them to realise their shortcomings and areas of improvement. This assists the instructor to create a more personalized course module and a road map that the learner can follow to achieve his personal goals.

Active Social Learning

Social learning is an important tool these days, and more and more corporates are including social training within their training modules. The LMS learning portal makes it even easier for learners to track down their learning through various social platforms like blogs, podcasts, etc. LMS is an innovative approach to the traditional facilitated social learning procedure.


Blended learning methods are a new craze in the learning and management industry as it offers 360-degree learning benefits. That is the reason more and more corporations are depending on blended learning corporate training, and if you are the one who is sceptical about it or don't know how to implement it into your company’s present training system, this article will surely help you out. For best-blended training with LMS, you can easily rely on as it is one of the most profound learning management service providers.