The Best Ways To Monitor Employees’ Training

Viren Kapadia March 16, 2021
The Best Ways To Monitor Employees’ Training

Employee training is crucial for any organization and company that wants to introduce new skills in the workplace or train a new workforce with the most utmost precision. While the traditional training methods are slowly becoming inconvenient, out-dated, and ineffective, new training resources are emerging. With companies such as Gyrus leading the way and providing some of the most advanced and sophisticated employee training software and programs to ease the learning and training process, it is also equally important to track the effectiveness of the programs and how well the employees can adapt to new changes. Here are some of the best ways to monitor employees’ training!

1. Choose an efficient Learning Management System (LMS)

This is the first step towards effectively monitoring employees’ training and is a major catalyst for efficient and accurate tracking. A learning management system, like the one provided by Gyrus, is essentially a learning hub that contains all crucial learning materials, resources, and documents. From this virtual hub, you can assign your training resources to your employees or learners in a digital and hassle-free manner. One of the best features of an LMS is the fact that it reduces the cumbersome tasks of tracking and monitoring by a huge magnitude. An efficient LMS will collect various statistics related to the training process and even create important and relevant reports on your behalf. Hence, opting for an efficient LMS is undoubtedly one of the first and the best ways for monitoring and tracking the progress of your employees in a time-efficient and accurate manner.

2. Define training metrics and KPIs

Another best-case practice to monitor employees’ training is to determine and define the training metrics and key performance indicators before the training commences. You can utilize the tracking tools provided by sophisticated learning management systems and there are a few basic metrics that you must include. The first one is of course the training completion rate, which shows how many learners or employees have completed the training. This includes metrics such as compliance rate, which should be at 100% by the determined deadline the engagement rate to ensure the rates for non-mandatory training are also high. The second KPI that is crucial for effective monitoring is the pass/fail rate that can be determined through quizzes and assessments to ensure that your employees learn from the training.

3. Utilize automation for repetitive tasks

Automation increases efficiency and helps you focus on tasks that are more important and require creative, rather than mechanical input. Hence, the best way to monitor employees’ training optimally is to utilize your LMS’s automation of routine and repetitive tasks such as gathering, grading, or processing statistics. This also helps in eliminating human errors that are often a result of tireless manual work. Hence, your LMS can do these repetitive tasks in a matter of seconds, save you a gargantuan amount of time, and create detailed and accurate reports to help with the monitoring and tracking process.

4. Extensive data analysis

An efficient learning management system, such as the one provided by Gyrus, a boon when it comes to monitoring employees’ training as well as progress as it provides you with extensive data analysis quickly and promptly. You can even monitor how your employees and learners are interacting with the content, their daily progress, how every content item is performing. This extensive data analysis is crucial for accurate monitoring as it gives you deep and useful insights by providing you with statistics related to overall progress or even about a certain course or module. You can also track and monitor their attendance, engagement levels, and performance through a great LMS such as the one provided by Gyrus, and hence, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to seamlessly and effortlessly monitor employees’ training while also making sure it is on track and efficient. /p>

5. Keep detailed training records

You can never have too much data, and it always comes in handy when you want to review or improve your training processes. A crucial way to ensure that your monitoring when it comes to employee training and learning is on point is by keeping detailed training records. With a sophisticated and advanced learning management system, this data-keeping process is further simplified and made more convenient. What’s more, you can monitor this progress in real-time no matter how high or low your volume of employees and learners is. Moreover, an effective LMS also documents your previous training programs which can help you improve and work on compliance issues and success rates.

6. Post-event survey results

Finally, one of the best ways to monitor employees’ training is by ensuring that you incorporate the post-event survey results metric in your monitoring and evaluation process. This metric is imperative for trainers, facilitators, and instructional designers and allows them to get the necessary feedback from users and learners regarding the training they have taken. Post-event survey results can help you make your training more effective and improve it by a significant margin for future training programs. The latest learning management systems also have an in-built feature that helps in gathering this data seamlessly, and hence, reduces the workload on trainers and managers.

There are several other traditional ways such as using spreadsheets to track and monitor employees’ training, but they are not as efficient as the latest learning management systems available at your disposal. In the digital age, efficiency is the name of the game, and to effectively monitor your employees’ training, progress, and growth, investing in the right LMS can help you optimize your functions even further. Gyrus brings you some of the best and top-notch learning management systems that are super-easy to use, 100% cloud-based, and can aid with training and skill-management for your employees. Gyrus is one of the pioneers in this industry as the LMS they provide has unique Artificial Intelligence-driven intuitive features and enables quick deployment whenever you need it. Additionally, the easy and seamless integration enables a world-class learning experience that is scalable for future use and provides robust analytics and reporting to help you monitor your employees’ training effectively and easily.