The Best Platform to Get Your Compliance Training Done

Viren Kapadia February 17, 2021
The Best Platform to Get Your Compliance Training Done

Online compliance training is A MUST HAVE if you want to shuffle off all the compliance issues in your organization. Training your employees on one of the efficient online employee training platforms to let them deal with compliance issues can build a flourishing future for your business. Moreover, it is one of the major legal responsibilities that you must adhere to. Most organizations do not consider compliance training as their priority, consequently, they face a lack of operational efficiency. On the other hand, some organizations do consider compliance training as an important component but still, they follow a simple read-and-agree format which is not effective and has become outdated at present.

Legal and regulatory compliance help to guard your organization as well as the people who work in it. Finding a good online compliance training platform is important to escape breaches that cause penalties, fines as well as on-the-job injuries. You must have questions on your mind right now like where should you get it done or will you ever get a good platform for compliance training? In this blog, we will be giving answers to all your questions and shutting the door on your dilemmas, just keep reading.

Features of a Successful Compliance Training Platform :

  • Complete knowledge of the Audience :

    A successful eLearning platform is one that takes the entire audience under its wing and knows it well. The content should be developed according to the age and experience of every employee. There should be different methods to train different employees according to their age groups and interest. Along with knowing their interests, knowing their needs is also important. Employees that take a little more time to learn should be given training as many times as they want.

  • Updated Content :

    Compliance training is all about updating your employees with what’s trending and what has become outdated. If you want to build an effective online compliance training platform then you must not forget to modify your content as per the needs of law and society. Modifying content time and again can also help to save the time and money of the organization. An active learning management system keeps comparing the content of the previous session to the new one and makes necessary changes. Also, modifying content as per society’s needs is not enough; you have to modify it as per the learning capabilities of employees as well.

  • Engaging and Interesting Methods :

    As everyone knows compliance training is a dry process and staying attentive during the entire session can be backbreaking. An effective online employee training platform lets employees learn engagingly and sparks up the entire learning process. Through gamification and visualization, employees completely grasp the content and things they learn this way stays with them throughout their life. An engaging online compliance training program is one that does not let employees feel that someone is just rubbing in the information rather than letting them understand it themselves. For example – in most of the online employee training programs, an Avatar is used who guides them throughout the session with interesting audio. Also, employees are asked questions in between to let them feel involved throughout their training.

  • Anytime-anywhere Learning :

    One of the major advantages of eLearning is its all-time availability! Effective compliance training is one where employees have complete access to the content and they can review it whenever, wherever they want. Designing the compliance training in such a manner so that it becomes easily accessible is one of the important features of a good online compliance training program.

Gyrus: One step solution for your compliance training concerns :

One of the most popular platforms to get compliance training done for your employees is Gyrus (We are sure you have heard this name before, haven’t you?). The most attractive thing about Gyrus is its use of innovative technologies and remarkable customer value to train your employees effectively. Gyrus puts its customers at the top and provides quality training along with following the exceptional approaches to get the training done. This platform makes the so-called boring compliance training tradition an attractive and interactive one. And, this becomes one of the major reasons why Gyrus has clients all over the world.

Gyrus customer service has been in discussion everywhere as the eLearning Industry Inc. has put GyrusAim at # 3 in the Top LMS List of Customer Experience, now don’t you think it is one of the best platforms? It believes in adding great value to your business and helps employees in getting a better understanding of all the regulations that affect their job roles as well as the entire organization. GyrusAim at imparting all the information to employees slowly and steadily instead of rubbing everything in one go (Trust us, this trick has helped employees in retaining the information all their life).

With this ever-evolving world, the regulations of your workplace have also evolved and changed over time. Therefore, it becomes imperative to keep up with all the regulations.

Some of the best achievements of Gyrus :

Gyrus has been in existence for years and since the start, it has been collecting numerous awards! Let’s walk you through some of its highlighted accomplishments :

  • One of the biggest achievements that Gyrus Systems has earned is getting a position in the 2020 Top 20 LMS Company List by Training
  • In 2020, GyrusAim was named # 7 in the Top LMS List of User Experience by eLearning Industry Inc.
  • Just after getting the # 7positionTop LMS List of User Experience, Gyrus stepped up the ladder and secured # 3 by eLearning Industry Inc.
  • Gyrus has been considered one of the best platforms for corporate learning and it has been named a Specialist in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe™ for Corporate Learning.
  • GyrusAim Learning Cloud is available on Microsoft Azure Marketplace which adds up to its list of accomplishments.

Though the achievement list of Gyrus is never-ending, we have mentioned some of the best to give you an insight into the accomplishments and the best services this platform provides to any organization.