The Benefits of a LMS For Government Organizations

Feb 26, 2013
The Benefits of a LMS For Government Organizations


While T&D is important for all industries, there is a lot of emphasis placed on T&D  in government organizations. In current times it is absolutely critical for government agencies and organizations to respond quickly to constant challenges and to be trained and competent in order to face them. Training of federal, state and local employees can be easily managed through a learning management system. With the right amount of user learning functions and capabilities, adopting this software can provide a high return on investment (or ROI) and overall workplace development.

A learning management product is perfect for any government organization because it reduces costs and time for a T&D initiative, leading to increased productivity. It also helps organizations remain compliant. Your organization is constantly growing, so you’ll want to choose software that is scalable and can grow with you. The ideal vendor for government agencies will understand the regulatory and compliance needs of government agencies, and especially focus on compliance, safety, security, and T&D. It’s also important that reporting is available within the learning management system to help you track progress and history in an organized manner without paper or spreadsheets.

Since training is so important in the government industry, organizations should make wise decisions on which learning management system and vendor they choose. For example, Gyrus Systems is a government approved vendor and their GyrusAim product can be integrated with OPM’s Enterprise Human Resource Integration system (EHRI). The GyrusAim software can also create, store, manage, and transmit SF-182 requests and is compliant with Section 508 of the United States Workforce Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Safety and security are critical factors of government agencies, which is why GyrusAim is a very secure platform for data, and customers also have the option to self-host their software. Because GyrusAim is a web-based software, it can be accessed by learners from anywhere at their convenience, and can be translated into over 25 languages. Our federal, state, and local government clients are guaranteed the lowest rate available.

Our government clients expect nothing but the best and we strive to deliver that. We understand the difficulties in dealing with the proceedings that go along with acquiring a vendor and maintaining a relationship with that vendor, therefore we are proud to be a General Services Administration (GSA) vendor. We have over a dozen government clients and are familiar with their individual needs. Our learning management system also caters to non-GSA government clients and we are prepared to offer you a learning management system that is customizable to your needs and goals.



    The public sector is flooded with new information and details. Every second a new information pops up. All the officials and members must be aware of the changes. A government learning management software can be easily updated. It is super easy to make changes in the software and notify all the members within a matter of minutes. This saves time and improves efficiency within the department.


    A government learning management software keeps information safe and secure. The software enables the departments to categorize and organize their needs. Only the specific information relevant to the department is made accessible. This minimizes the security risks.


    A government learning management software just like any LMS is equipped with a variety of tools that makes the day-to-operations and training sessions easier. The tools eliminate the need for human resources to maintain monotonous tasks. For instance, it tracks and maintains records. Thus, there is no need for an employee to manage such trivial tasks. The software does it all.


    The different sectors require different skills and deal with different responsibilities. Therefore, it is mandatory to hold regular training sessions. A learning management software can help in facilitating efficient learning. It can be updated and administered as per the norms. It also facilitates creating high-quality content for the learners — from using infographics to videos and notes. Everything can be managed successfully.


    LMS allows keeping track of all the records and details. It is super easy to monitor processes, procedures, and records. These also help in tracking the performance of all the members.


    To improve productivity and strengthen the team, it is essential to track performance and maintain records. An efficient government learning management software will help the government sectors to track progress at all levels- from tracking the performance of an individual to tracking the progress of the entire organization. Such reports help in finding feasible and actionable solutions to improve productivity.