The 2019 ATD Conference Lowdown

Trey Moyer Jun 11, 2019
The 2019 ATD Conference Lowdown

May 20th-23rd Gyrus attended the 76th annual 2019 ATD conference in Washington DC. As a seasoned sales professional accustomed to presenting at trade shows, this event was an experience to remember.

Here are a few of my takeaways:

  1. I was amazed at the sheer size and scope of this event. I came from a background in IT Infrastructure Sales to the Department of Defense, and have attended numerous trade shows in many different cities at various times of the year. This show by far dwarfed any trade show event I have experienced.
  2. I was impressed by how well organized this show was and the level of support that was provided to vendors with the attention to detail. It was stellar from start to finish, well managed right down to the smallest of details from the event staff who were always available to assist if you needed something, to the lunches they provided for vendors.
  3. Since I was manning our booth I didn’t have a chance to see any of the Keynote Speakers for this conference. I do know that Oprah was one of this year’s presenters. She is a heavyweight in the world of Media who brings loads of credible background and insight into what it takes to be a powerhouse in business! If you can get Oprah to come to your event, you know you must be doing something right! The President and CEO of Gyrus Systems heard her presentation and said that she really had a lot of insight and knowledge to reign down on the masses that packed in to hear her speak.
  4. While manning our booth, I gave demo after demo to very interested and intelligent folks who seemed to really be in tune and in need of an LMS to help propel their organizations and to keep their employees trained and moving forward in today’s fast-paced environment of corporate learning and knowledge-based skills.
  5. What I did find surprising (and if I had a dollar for every time I heard this line...) was how many said “If I could only get my LMS Provider to be more involved after the sale and more available in the support end of their product” I am not sure why this was a common thread amongst the people I spoke with or demo’d Gyrus Aim for, I just know it came up often from visitors to our booth.
  6. In our industry, it would seem to be a given that you would want to be considered a “best friend or a friend of the family” to your customer base. I came away from this Trade Show with a sense of pride knowing how well Gyrus Systems treats their customers in this area! We have over 450 implementations throughout 17 different countries and we know our customers on a first name basis! The more I spoke with people the more I realized people’s frustrations with their LMS providers in this area. As I explained Gyrus Systems history and approach to this topic, I immediately realized from their expressions that we have hit on a core problem area in this business and we have conquered it by leaps and bounds. It made the trip to this show all the more worth it to me personally.
  7. There were many other aspects of this year’s 2019 ATD show in Washington that stand out, but the ones I mentioned above made me very proud to be a part of a company such as Gyrus Systems. How well people responded to our product demos, how they complimented its ease of use and functionality and their reaction to how we treat our customers was truly remarkable. I made a lot of new friends and, as part of Gyrus Systems, look forward to the opportunity to partner with them to bring solutions to their business needs.
  8. In summing things up 2019 ATD was a smash hit - well put on and well attended. I couldn’t have had a better experience!!! Kudos ATD Washington for a great show, and until next time “We’ll see ya at the Show” !!!