Ten Takeaways From 2018 ATD Conference

May 16, 2018

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Last week we attended the 75th ATD 2018 conference. What an eye-opening experience to meet so many people from around the world with the same passion for learning and development. This year’s ATD conference was the largest conference yet, and it was astonishing to see how many exhibitors attended the Conference, how big the Training and Development industry is, and the importance of Training and Development to the world. Here are two quotes that personify what we learned from the conference:

“I had the chance of seeing President Barack Obama speak in person and I really appreciated his point of view on training and development. He talked about the importance of education and why organizations need to invest in their employees and technology in order to improve their development. His speech really reinforces why Gyrus Systems does what we do every day, help people continue to learn and develop every day.”

“Both of the speeches were amazing, but one of my favorite examples was said by Marcus Buckingham. Marcus spoke about Messi and how when Messi was recruited, at the age of 13 years, to play soccer he was a leftie but he was given steroids to be an all rounded player. When Messi turned 16 years old, the decision was made to focus on his strength, which is his left foot rather than giving him steroids to be an all rounded player. This resulted in Messi not only to have an amazing soccer career but to be selected for many years as the world’s best soccer player. This example really shows the importance of focusing on the strengths of yourself or your company rather than the weaknesses.”

We learned from both President Obama and Marcus Buckingham but we learned the most from LMS Users. They truly expressed their pain points and what they are looking for in an LMS, helping us learn more about our potential clients. This is what they had to say:

1. Ease of Use: “Our current LMS is very old and clunky, I would love to use an application which is clean and easy to use.”

2. Reporting: “It is so difficult to get everything I want in my reports and I abhor the way it looks.”

3. The ability to train remotely “training remotely is something that is becoming very common and it is hard to find an LMS that does that.”

4. Instructor Led: “As instructors, we want to have the ability to comment and give feedback to our students, it is really difficult to do this with the current interface we use.”

5. Colors or Pick Colors: “our interface uses very ugly colors, it just makes you want to not do the training.”

6. Multifunctional yet not complex: “Our LMS may have a lot of features but there is limited functionality.”

7. Mobile Friendly: “We have to use our LMS on our laptop or desktops, we cannot use our phone to check updates.”

8. Customizable: “Branding is very difficult in our current LMS, I would really appreciate it if I could use an interface where I can easily customize how our interfaces look.”

9. Long Implementation Process: “We opted into our contract a year ago and are just getting started now, I don’t even know if it is easy to use yet. At this point, I am just desperate to use something. I just don’t understand why it is taking so long! “

10. Customer Service and pricing: “customer service is nonexistent and for the price we pay you would think someone would be more than willing to help.”

GyrusAim offers an alternative to all of the ten pain points listed and more!

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