What is Skill Centric Learning Management System (LMS)?

Apr 21, 2014
What is Skill Centric Learning Management System (LMS)?

In a skill-centric learning management system(LMS), skills are embedded in many entities. They are associated with learning objects (an atomic learning node that teaches one skill at one level), jobs, assessments, organizations, certifications, business objectives, and training costs.

Hierarchical entities such as jobs and organizations provide even more power moving skills from being more general to more specialized simply by being associated with as part of the job or organization. In job hierarchies for example, skills assigned at the high level node apply to all jobs associated under that node. All electricians may need to know how to install receptacles, while a master electrician may need to know how to rebuild an electric motor.

GyrusAim, the new learning management system by Gyrus Systems, builds skill maps identifying jobs, courses, learning objects, organizations, business objectives, certifications, and people.

You can use your own competency library and rating schemes or integrate with a third party skill repository. Learning and retraining can be assigned based on job role, department, physical location or other attributes.