Reasons Why Blended Learning is Important for Corporate Training

Viren Kapadia February 10, 2021
Reasons Why Blended Learning is Important for Corporate Training

Blended learning has been gaining importance over the past few years as it is one of the best ways to connecting the on-campus people, their ideas, experiences, and places with those of the off-campus one, seamlessly. Blended learning platforms have been transforming the way people utilize training strategies to witness the best results possible. When we talk about the corporate training strategies we just can’t keep the ball rolling until we call attention to the best-blended learning platforms. Since the introduction of engaging blended learning corporate training, the tradition of the instructor-led format for training in corporate sectors has been slowly and steadily becoming dimmer.

Blended learning platforms have been benefitting corporate training in multiple ways, eliminating various factors like the high cost of training, obstacles in continuous access to learning as well as logistic issues in scheduling trainer-led sessions. It is highly believed that when a business embraces both venues i.e. online and offline, it performs exceptionally well. Blended learning corporate training helps an organization to control the quality of the training for their employees, consequently enhancing productivity. Including strategies that merge both online and offline platforms in organizations to train their employees helps them hit the jackpot (no, we are not exaggerating!).

Now, it’s time to dive into various benefits that blended learning introduces in corporate training:

A skills gap analysis helps you identify training needs — for people, teams, and your business as a whole. It shows where your employees currently stand in terms of skills and knowledge, and where you’d like them to be in the future. With a skills gap analysis, you can uncover gaps in your teams, organize your training plans, and set career development goals.

  • Learning at One’s Own Pace :

    If you want to utilize both online and offline platforms to the fullest, just don’t forget to introduce blended learning to facilitate quality corporate training. An effective blended learning platform leaves no employee behind as every employee learns at his/her own pace and can seek help whenever required. The process of imparting knowledge into young brains becomes plain-sailing with the help of a good blended learning corporate training. Moreover, coherent learning outcomes can be developed. When employees are trained through blended learning corporate training, they become more active and develop critical thinking because of various face-to-face and technology-enhanced approaches.

  • Employee Training Becomes Affordable :

    The introduction of blended learning makes the training process highly affordable and helps an organization to use the remaining funds in some other areas for the steady growth of the business. Now you must be wondering how expenses can be reduced with blended learning corporate training, right? Well, it cuts off expenses for accommodation, transportation, meal as well as travel. When employees are provided with blended learning corporate training, a few consumable materials can be reconstructed for them and a ton of money can be saved. Though online training programs do involve costs of high-end online training deliverables, yet they can be reduced with the help of free educational technologies

  • Improvement of Employees’ Soft Skills :

    A better-blended learning corporate training in corporate sectors completely transforms the way employees learn and develop skills. While learning through online as well as in-person training programs, employees reach the forefront of excellence. Various methods like video calling, in-person meetings, and telephone conferences help employees to develop their communication skills which enable them to communicate clearly and concisely, which rarely happens with the traditional training strategies as they do not cover all aspects of communication skills. Blended learning facilitates employees to share their ideas freely in a virtual environment, building better relationships with everyone at their workplace. In addition to the communication skills, there are several other soft skills that employees develop throughout their training session that includes critical thinking, observation skills, time management, stress management, teamwork, and others.

  • Enhancement of Corporate Training Effectiveness :

    When innovation is introduced in a traditional learning environment, it changes the shape of learning entirely and makes a big difference in this field. It is a well-known fact that visualization helps us retain things for the longest time and this is what blended learning corporate training does to employees. One of the important advantages of eLearning is that employees learn rapidly and store this learning in their minds forever. With the introduction of a much richer experience, the achievement gap reduces substantially. In this way, every employee can contribute equally and effectively to the organization.

  • Blended learning corporate training is a time saver :

    With lots of responsibilities on their shoulders, there is little time left for employees to get good training. A competent blended learning platform saves the precious time of employees by providing them quick learning, question-answer sessions with instructors to clear doubts, track learning, and much more. One of the major advantages offered by blending learning corporate training is that it enables employees to track their performance online and in-person, consequently, letting them apply what they have learned online.

  • Blended learning is FUN :

    Modern learners do not enjoy sitting in a big conference room and listening to lectures for hours. To let them learn better, it is important to move training online so they enjoy what they learn and retain it for life. This is what blended learning corporate training does, it let employees happily embrace the work by providing them engaging content. Blended learning ends with a group discussion with various activities that let employees know what they have learned so far and take pleasure in competing with others.

  • Blended learning lets employees track their performance :

    Performance tracking is important in every kind of learning process as it lets a learner know what he has achieved so far and what more he has to do. Blended learning corporate training facilitates employees to track their performance whenever they want which otherwise becomes very difficult. The traditional training methods make it challenging for employees to collect feedback. Most of the time, the self-reporting surveys are unreliable, consequently affecting the quality of employees’ performance within an organization. An effective blended learning platform lets employees track their performance and activities from time to time. Also, the time is taken by an employee to complete a task, the number of times he takes a lesson, and the efficacy of blended learning can be tracked through online blended learning platforms.