Problems that Employees Face in a Corporate Training

Viren Kapadia October 17, 2022
Problems that Employees Face in a Corporate Training

Employee training is essential for the progress of a company. You can't just onboard employees and forget about them once you teach them how to use your company's software. You need to continuously teach them new skills and make them feel challenged and motivated. Unfortunately, a recent survey says that 40% of employees quit their jobs within the first year because of inadequate training. In this article, you will learn about the problems faced by the employees during their training.

GyrusAim LMS

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Problems With Corporate Training

  • Workload
  • Employees find themselves with an immense workload. They might already be working on something, and they have to learn. This situation makes them stressed, and they might not get the full benefits of the training program.

  • Dispersed Employees
  • After the pandemic, more people have started making remote work an option. That means employees would now be far apart from each other. You can no longer train them in a single room, and you have to rely on online training. Online training may not be efficient for everyone; some may even resist it.

  • Training Preference
  • Every employee has different learning styles and may need different amounts of time. This situation gets worse when you have employees from multiple generations. Your old employees may not be as tech-savvy as your young workforce, and training them in a single program would be ineffective.

  • Learning Engagement
  • Employees may not engage in the learning program; this makes the program inefficient. You must engage in the learning materials to learn and grasp concepts quickly. Lack of engagement may also trigger employees to want to quit training.

  • Irrelevant Training
  • Corporates often launch training programs that focus on a wide variety of skills. Unfortunately, these skills may not be applicable to every employee, making employees feel as if they are wasting their time.And that can trigger a lack of engagement and even resistance to training on the employees' part.

  • Poor feedback and support system
  • Training programs may lack proper methods to give employees feedback on their performance. Feedback is essential as it motivates employees to learn more, and they will know that the companies care about them. Similarly, every employee may experience problems in one form or another. And an efficient support system is necessary for them to ask for help.

GyrusAim Features

You can eliminate the problems mentioned above by using an efficient LMS. A good LMS will have the features, such as the ability to track performance, give feedback, etc., that will make your training program successful. Below you can read about GyrusAim's features:

  1. Assessments: Gyrus LMS provides features to assess your employees' performance and change the content accordingly to increase engagement.

  2. Certifications: You can give certificates for the employees' achievements as a form of feedback.

  3. Competency Rating: This rating feature is another form of feedback to motivate employees to progress more in training.

  4. Feedback: Besides certifications and ratings, you can directly give feedback using the GyrusAim LMS.

  5. Gap Analysis: You can use the Gyrus LMS to analyze the skill gaps in your organization. Then you can add content accordingly to fill the skill gap. It will make the training program more relevant.

  6. Need Analysis: This analysis tells you which of your employees need additional training. You can then personalize the learning content for them to increase the relevance of the program.

  7. GyrusAim is entirely on the cloud, so employees can access the LMS from anywhere. So, even if most of your employees work remotely, you can train them.

  8. Gyrus also allows you to set a schedule for training your employees. You can set these schedules in such a way that does not overload your staff.

  9. You can also conduct webinars through GyrusAim, allowing remote-working employees to collaborate effectively.

In conclusion, even though corporations are training employees, the employees are facing several problems. They may feel that training overloads them or is irrelevant to them. Additionally, remote-working employees may feel disconnected and have negative feelings about training. The movement also sometimes becomes boring or not, according to their preferred way. These problems, coupled with no support or feedback systems, can make employee training sessions horrible. Consequently, the training programme is ineffective. An LMS like GyrusAim can help you with these problems.


  1. How do you reduce the workload of employees while training?
  2. You can reduce the workload of employees by;
    • Limiting the travel required for training
    • Giving bite-sized training
    • Using visual aids to teach them, they are easy to grasp.
  3. How do you train dispersed employees?
  4. You can train dispersed employees using an LMS that has integrated webinar tools and which you can access from anywhere using multiple platforms. This way, remote-working employees can better collaborate with the team.

  5. How do you train employees with different training preferences?
  6. You can train employees with different learning preferences by conducting a needs analysis to determine the choices. Then you can use it to design your training program. Additionally, you should include multiple types of content like videos, notes, flow charts, etc. And there should be a forum where employees can discuss their preferences.

  7. How do you increase the learning engagement of employees while training them?
  8. To increase engagement, use activities such as case studies, role-plays, etc., that are fun. Setting up an online forum for learners to interact and have debates is also efficient in engaging them. Additionally, creating a learning culture in the company that is part of the job can also increase engagement. And it would help if you always told employees why they had the training; this will motivate employees to get more engaged.

  9. How to make corporate training more relevant?
  10. To make relevant training programs, you should do a gap analysis and find out the skills gaps your company has. After that, communicate those gaps to everyone; this will make employees want to fill those gaps.