Non Profit Oraganizations Have Training Needs, Too!

Jan 9, 2013
Non Profit Oraganizations Have Training Needs, Too!

Do Non-Profits Need an LMS?

For non profit organizations, training and education are both important elements. Without them, these organizations could not provide for the communities around them. But many non profits have fixed or small budgets and have to be financially conscious. Adopting an LMS is a great investment that will continue to provide for the organization in the future.

During times of budget cuts, training and communications are definitely not the ideal places to decrease spending. Investing time and money in the training of employees and other internal processes has been proven to lead to higher profits and growth in the organization.

Non-profit organizations also have a great need for maximum work output with minimal employee input and GyrusAim helps provide that. Our cost efficient solution, with low cost installation and licensing, helps non-profits of all kinds get the most for their investment. Users can also sell their content using eCommerce capability to generate revenue for their non-profit.

Why GyrusAim is the Right LMS for Non-Profits?

We believe that non-profits should be able to enjoy the same advantages of an LMS as large businesses, which is why our cost efficient and effective LMS solution is best for non-profit organizations who want the “most bang for their buck.”

While the advantages for non-profits using an LMS are endless, we’d like to highlight a few key areas where organizations see growth after choosing GyrusAim. With various reports and tools for tracking training and performance, internal management remains constant and effective. Our LMS also ensures accountability for results.

GyrusAim is also extremely scalable. Whether you’re a large or small non-profit, it can grow with you as you grow. If you’ve got international members, GyrusAim can be translated into over 17 languages. There are no speed bumps or road blocks, just an easy-to-use, customizable LMS to help drive you to success from the inside out (literally).

Schedule a free demo with us today, we will help you understand how LMS fits with Non-profits training and development activities.