Monitor Your Company's Success With A Training Tracking Software

Viren Kapadia November 16, 2022
Monitor Your Company's Success With A Training Tracking Software

Training and development are integral parts of the corporate system. Companies spend millions to train their employees every year. Training also has a noticeable impact on organisational growth and personal development. But the traditional training methods—conferences and instructor-led training—have several shortcomings. One of them is the lack of performance tracking ability. The traditional method does not ensure that we will be able to see and understand the scope of improvement, nor will it be able to analyse our strengths and weaknesses. That is why the popularity of software for online training is rising.

These days, the learning management system has changed the entire scenario of corporate training. Now trainers can easily connect with a large group of learners through the top LMS platforms. Armed with a variety of advanced technology and cloud-based tools, the learning management system can be easily accessed globally, and learners across various time zones can access it at their convenience. But furthermore, the greatest feature is the analytic and tracking tools that offer astonishing benefits to both the learner and instructor. It can track any shortcomings and determine the areas for improvement at the individual level. As a result, the instructor can modify the course model as per the requirements. As a result, organisations are getting high benefits in return.

Training tracking is one of the most beneficial characteristics of the learning management system. With the utilisation of analytic tools and advanced tracking tools, LMS for companies offers a 100% error-free tracking record. Tracking the performance using analytics can be easily done by using the methods below. Let's have a look at it.

How to Monitor Employee Performance with a Learning Management System

Monitoring the performance of a training session is one of the important features of a learning management system. An LMS uses a variety of methods to control and regulate the overall training process. Have a look at the following ways an online LMS platform can track and manage performance:

  1. Automated Process
  2. In the traditional method of performance, tracking is done manually, so you will never get a satisfying result that is error-free. Moreover, despite having a small team, it is almost impossible to track the growth at an individual level manually. But the online LMS platform is fully automated and can record and track data automatically and simultaneously. Furthermore, being an automated process, it refines data with zero error. So you don't need to wait hours to get faulty data in return.

  3. Keeping data records
  4. Instructor-led training methods are not able to track data regularly or store a huge amount of data. So manually, it is not possible to track and manage an extensive amount of data. But LMS, being an automated program, can store any amount of data. So, whether you have a team of 30 or 30000 learners, the LMS can store data down to the individual level.

  5. In-Depth Analysis
  6. The result of conference room training can only be tracked through tests and assignments, and it doesn't even give satisfactory results as manual checking is involved. But the online employee training system offers the following:

    • A detailed analysis of how each learner is reacting to the content.
    • How much progress is being made at the individual level and as a team?
    • How much time they are spending studying each slide of a course module.
    • How much time is being taken to complete an entire course module?
    • How each learner is progressing as a whole or in each chapter individually.
    • Each learner's attendance at each training session is effectively tracked by the LMS.
    • Generate and customize the report by applying filters to get a modified outcome.
    • Effectively track the training completion rate of each learner.
    • Training engagement tracking, such as how many learners are joining the training session at a time, how many are completing it, and how many are terminating it midway, is recorded.


Tracking performance is an essential component of employee training software. Tracking enables the instructor to create and design a course module that is highly effective and easy to understand. Start your online learning platform effectively with by introducing a learning management system. Our LMS solution is completely scalable, custom-made, and user-friendly. You can use the software version or a cloud-based platform as per the requirements. Connect with us and speak with one of our executives to better understand your requirements and receive an effective recommendation as well as the most affordable quote.