Leveraging LMS for preparing your workforce for the new normal in this pandemic

Viren Kapadia September 29, 2020
Leveraging LMS for preparing your workforce for the new normal in this pandemic

While the number of COVID-19 cases continue to surge globally, governments are no longer enforcing lockdowns, but are cautiously opening up the economies. However, the virus continues to stay as virulent and as contagious as before, and therefore, even after resuming operations, companies have to adjust their operating style. Employees, as far as possible, are advised to work from home, and attend office only under circumstances that deem their physical presence in office absolutely necessary. Businesses are thus, having to deal with change management on an altogether new level, and an LMS would be of immense help in preparing your workforce to deal with the new normal. Here’s how:


Business activity for most companies has resumed, but not at pre-COVID levels. Which means, employees do not have to put in a complete 8-hour shift every day. Therefore, this is an ideal time to get your employees to develop new skills which they could apply during in the time ahead to deliver a better performance. By use of an LMS, companies can conveniently schedule highly engaging training sessions which employees can undertake at their convenience. The link here describes the various ways through which companies can ensure effective remote training using an LMS. Moreover, through gamifying the learning activities, companies can make e-learning a fun experience which employees would love to participate in. Also, an LMS enables trainers to create blended training programs which give flexibility to use different modes of training so that training for each topic can be conducted in a manner that is best-suited to maximize retention.

Digital Transformation

Businesses today have been forced to fast-track their plans for digitizing their operations. While technology development is one part of the challenge, the other part is to get your employees accustomed to utilizing the newly developed systems. This could be achieved by uploading ‘how to use’ training videos of different modules of the enterprise technology which employees can be provided controlled access to. Thus, you would be able to not just prepare your employees to deal with the new normal, you would empower them to be able to perform more efficiently in the coming future.

By creating training plans designed for the future, companies can ensure that employees feel a sense of job security. Therefore, employees would be more motivated to participate in learning programs and also work with a greater sense of commitment. Through the GyrusAim LMS, a large number of our clients have been able to achieve this during the course of the lockdown. If you are looking out for an LMS solution, we would love to extend our services and help you acquire a solution customized to your requirements.