Is Your Relationship with Your LMS Vendor Long-term?

Feb 6, 2013
Is Your Relationship with Your LMS Vendor Long-term?

LMS Vendors: When it comes to purchasing a Learning Management System (LMS), you don’t want to only focus on the product. Sure, it’s important—you’re investing time, money and effort into it.

But what many often forget is that the relationship with the LMS vendor is just as important. Why should you invest your dollars and hours if the vendor isn’t willing to do the same for you as their customer?

The ideal vendor provides a consistent experience year after year (this includes both the quality of their product and their customer support). Many vendors give you the 5-star treatment as a new customer, but as you continue to use their product year after year you may feel like you’ve been forgotten.

Experienced vendors provide consistent service and support and do not forget about those customers that have supported them for years. For example, LMS vendor Gyrus Systems has been in the learning software industry for 25 years. Not only do they provide support to those that are just climbing aboard, but they also take care of those that have supported their business for five, ten, maybe even fifteen years. Gyrus also offers free software upgrades to their customers three to four times a year to ensure that they have access to the best software versions possible.

I emphasize the importance of experience because it’s not uncommon for younger businesses to be bought out by other large, more experienced organizations. How does this affect you as a customer? Prices may increase, products may change (or discontinue), and the quality of the support you receive may diminish. Investing in an experienced vendor with a quality product can ensure that you won’t find yourself in any of these situations.

Vendors like Gyrus Systems understand the importance of a customer-vendor relationship. Gyrus customers don’t have to wait days to hear back from customer support. Even better—Gyrus representatives remember their customers, they remember your name, and they remember your support. With vendors like Gyrus, you are no longer just a number, you are in a relationship.