Is a Lack of Necessary Workforce Skills Dragging Your Company Down?

Dec 5, 2012

Workforce skills management is important in the workplace. There’s no argument there. It’s so important that we at Gyrus Systems even created an entirely new LMS (GyrusAIM) based around

this concept of workforce skills management. The training you provide is about much more than simply providing courses, it’s about the skills those courses are developing in your workforce.

Your organization can take a huge hit without the necessary skills-management. If your employees don’t have the necessary skills to succeed, it’s only a matter of time before your company will fall behind too. Are your employees getting the “refreshers” they need? Are they meeting the requirements for your specific industry? It’s important to ask these questions—and ask them often—to make sure that your employees aren’t getting stale or rusty.

That’s where our LMS, GyrusAIM, comes into the picture.

It’s not merely good enough to train your employees—you need to train them for the right skills, for the right job, at the right time. Sounds like a lot to keep up with, right? This is the meaning of skill-centric software such as ours.

An LMS should make your life easier, it says it in the name—it’s a learning management system because it should be helping you manage learning in your workplace. A great LMS, such as GyrusAIM, makes it easier for you by notifying you of expired certifications, what courses have been completed and those that have not, and other metrics or repots.

eLearning is used every day in many universities, so there should be no question that is can be just as valuable in a workplace setting (we’re taught for years that learning never stops, right?). Don’t let unskilled workers be to blame for your company’s slow (or for some, abrupt) failure.