How to Modernize Compliance Training within your Organization's Budget?

Viren Kapadia Oct 31, 2019
How to Modernize Compliance Training within your Organization's Budget?

While planning to provide the best compliance training in our organization, we often end up settling for a type of training that talks only about the important rules. We tend to focus on what the employees are required to do, rather than on focusing on what compliance training would help employees grow professionally. Hence, our traditional compliance training is helping the employees understand the laws (related to any topic) to follow. But it does not let the employees understand the logic behind those laws and how the laws make a business more trustworthy and ethical.

Therefore, most of the organizations have started focusing on modernizing compliance training that not just motivates or engages the employees, but also help them with skill-building exercises.

The outcomes of a modernized compliance program include, but not limited to the following:

  • Cost reduction
  • New competencies
  • Flexibility
  • Interactive & problem-solving training
  • Best use of resources
  • Transformative change

Compliance Training Modernizing Tips

A number of organizations often refrain from updating their compliance training program for the very fact that they believe that the whole cost of modernizing is too costly to afford. However, if one invests in cost effective learning management systems in USA, and keeps a few modernizing tips in mind, he or she can assure that their compliance training gets modernized within budget.

Here are some tips you can follow:

  1. Responsive Design

    First and foremost, you must ensure that the online learning platform is responsive. If the employees will be able to access the training materials from any location, they will not just get the ease to learn, but also bridge the compliance knowledge gap. Apart from being responsive to multiple platforms, the training program should also be responsive to mobile devices. The layout appearing on mobile devices should be perfect and be easily adjustable.

  2. Online Training Repository

    One cannot learn and absorb knowledge in one single day. Hence, to create a better training program, you should divide the training materials into easy-to-learn, small digestible chunks. This is where the microlearning online training repository comes into play. It allows modern learners to grasp as well as brush up their compliance knowledge easily. You can also create a just-in-time training library by repurposing the existing resources. Hence, it is budget friendly as well.

  3. Incorporate Images and Videos

    The more interactive your eLearning course design will be, the more the learners will be motivated to participate in the training program. Hence, incorporating background music, images, videos, and audio clips is the easiest way to encourage the ‘interactivity’ element in the training materials. Just do not forget to give credit to the resource from where you are taking the curated content material. Another option that you can use is to look for royalty-free sites to add media in your training course.

  4. Focus on The Aesthetics

    The color scheme, graphics, and charts used in the training course must show that they are created in the present, digital era. The aesthetics should not look too old or clutter-some that your employees are forced to believe that the course was published many years ago. It should look new and fresh as if tailor-made for them. Also, do give attention to the branding part of the remote training software. Check if the company’s logo in the eLearning course design is outdated; check whether the images used in the course represent the present working environment.

  5. Social Media Components

    Incorporating social media components, such as corporate eLearning blogs, online discussions, video-sharing platforms, and Facebook groups are also essential to modernize the compliance training program. These components make sure that your employees are fully engaged, participate in online discussions and gain knowledge from the experience of their co-workers. A live Q&A session is the best medium to let the employees converse with each other.

A stale online compliance training content will get you nowhere. Hence, it is advised to update or modernize the training content as soon as you can. Although this may be a gradual process, yet small consistent changes in the training course will certainly leave a lasting impression on the employees.