How to make the most of your LMS while improving the learner experience

Viren Kapadia Jun 08, 2020
How to make the most of your LMS while improving the learner experience

Today, several forward-thinking companies have been rapidly undertaking their digital transformations, and the digitization of their learning and development functions is a key component of those transformations. It is for this purpose that Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been found to be of immense importance. However, how does a company make the best use of their LMS to ensure that it improves its employees’ learning experience? The following are tips to ensure the same:

Ensure that the LMS supports multiple platforms and delivers excellent UI/UX

Hardly anyone would wish to get trained on a system that is buggy or difficult to use and therefore would compromise the learning experience. With a growing number of employees opting to go for the BOYD option, it is necessary to ensure that the LMS is compatible on all platforms. More importantly, to ensure that the learning process is engaging, the system needs to have a good quality interface which is structured to facilitate ease of use.

Regular monitoring of Training Activities

Monitoring of (Training Management Platform) is not limited to only ensuring that the employees intended to be trained complete their modules within the schedule. It also includes monitoring the effectiveness of the training content and updating it whenever necessary, assessing the impact of the training sessions on productivity and quality of work of employees, and so on.

Facilitate easy communication through the LMS

LMS should have a two-way communication feature so as to ensure that trainers and trainees are able to communicate with each other. This enables trainers to be able to seamlessly resolve queries which the trainees might have. Also, trainees might want to have discussions among themselves. So the provision for direct messaging and forming of public comment forums are necessary features of a LMS.

Link Training to Personal Career Goals

The organizations with the lowest attrition rates would be ones which are able to help their employees achieve a sense of career satisfaction. The right use of LMS could go a long way in ensuring this. By making it a pre-requisite to undertake certain training modules for each promotion/lateral move within the organization, employees would be more motivated to undertake the training modules so as to be eligible for the promotions and moves.

Gamification of Training

It is human nature to be competitive, and gamifying learning programmes helps in stimulating this competitive side. By adding leaderboards, progress bars, badges or award certificates for reaching different milestones within training in the LMS, employees could be encouraged to be more keenly involved in the learning process.

In essence, the key to ensuring that maximum benefit is derived from the LMS is by designing the learning experience in a way to intrinsically motivate employees to participate in the learning and development process. When employees feel motivated to undergo training over the LMS due to such intrinsic motivation, their performance during training as also when it comes to application of their newly acquired knowledge in everyday work is bound to improve.

The above pointers would enable a company to maximize the effectiveness with which its LMS is utilized. They have also been taken due cognizance of, while designing the Gyrus LMS platform. The cloud-based Gyrus LMS platform enables employees to chart their own individual development plans through gamified learning, and also enables trainers to access analysis and reports related to the performance of individual employees. As such, the platform has been developed to optimize the learner experience while also maximizing the effectiveness of learning.