How To Develop An Engaging Compliance Training Program

Viren Kapadia March 04, 2021
How to develop an engaging compliance training program

One of the most important types of training programs that your employees participate in is the compliance training program that helps in their understanding of regulatory requirements, which is crucial for any organization. Hence, we have come up with a comprehensive list of things that you must include in your compliance training online to make it more engaging and successful!

Here, we will be discussing the advantages of eLearning:

1. Gamification is key

Gamification is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your efforts for making your compliance training online are fruitful and get you the desired results with minimum efforts. Gamification, like the name indicates, is incorporating game-like elements when you are introducing a new concept in your training model to make it more motivating and engaging. Gamification ensures that learning becomes more fun and interactive by making it a part of a game, quest, or challenge. Instead of being passive participants, which is common for a majority of training models, you ensure that the people you are training are more engaged, involved, and constantly motivated to apply what they have learned so far. Gamification also enables you to set targets, instill a sense of healthy competition among trainees, and set interesting challenges to make your online employee training system more intriguing and unique. Hence, it can be a major driving factor when you opt for the best online training program software with Gyrus, to carry out an effective and engaging compliance training program for your employees.

2. Incorporate multimedia

Did you know that a carefully scripted 120-second video can be 80% more effective than a boring presentation that is chock-full of information? Multimedia is the future of learning, and incorporating engaging visuals, videos, and graphics in your next compliance training online can help you achieve surprisingly positive results. This is because 90% of the information that is transmitted to the human brain is visual. Hence, it is no secret why visuals are processed about 60,000 times faster and quicker than plain, old written material. When you use an online employee training system, you must include enticing and interesting multimedia elements. These can be invigorating and powerful in delivering the message you want to convey and support your written material well.

3. Understand what modern learners want

It is important to understand the training is not one-way communication. It is not an endless cycle of dumping information on individuals without factoring in their demands and thoughts. Feedback is an important and indispensable part of the process. Hence, when you are developing a program for compliance training online, ensure that you go beyond the elements used in a traditional classroom setting. Instead of a single assessment at the end of the training, design activities that allow them to apply these skills hands-on and test out their understanding of what your model is trying to convey. This not only helps you track their progress better but also paves way for an effective and useful feedback system that helps you improve your online employee training system significantly over time.

4. Personalize for effectiveness

This is a useful strategy that can help you make your online employee training system more relevant and engaging. By introducing interesting elements of personalization, you can make your e-learning program exciting, relatable, and most importantly, effective. Targeting employees in specific job roles or sectors with related examples and case scenarios can help increase overall relevance. This further aid in helping your employees understand how the regulations and information imparted throughout the training is relevant to their work. Another efficient way of adding elements of personalization to your e-learning program is by providing individuals with personal learning paths and targets. Allowing your employees to navigate their way through the use of online training program software provided by Gyrus can give them a greater sense of control and motivation, which can make training more effective with higher retention rates in the long run.

5. Storytelling garners interest

Storytelling has been used in the process of learning since time immemorial, and for an important reason. Storytelling is what helps employees or learners derive an inherent meaning to what they are doing. It makes the learning process more believable and relevant, which is crucial if you want your training to be effective. Hence, when you construct compelling scenarios and tell them through powerful storytelling in your e-learning program, you make it more engaging than before.

6. Improve accessibility

Accessibility is the name of the game in the 21st century, and companies such as Gyrus, which provide online training program software and some of the top learning management systems online are making it possible. Modern users and learners are technologically driven- they are used to finding things they need or are curious about at the click of a few buttons. So, when you make your compliance training program more accessible by utilizing digital means, you ensure that it remains an ongoing process and is incremental. By ensuring that your e-learning program can be accessed through several devices instead of just offline means, you provide them with adequate access to help them utilize this information as and when they might need it.

7. Motivate learners

Motivation is key when it comes to learning. By nudging your employees towards the learning process instead of overloading them with boring information, you can motivate them to participate and engage with your e-learning program instead of just bombarding them with material that is difficult to retain. This motivation can be consistently delivered through ‘digital nudges’, in the form of alerts and notifications that remind them to be compliant. They can even be tied to their targets at regular intervals, thanks to advanced online training program software provided by organizations such as Gyrus.

8. Embrace microlearning

Finally, to develop an engaging compliance training program for your employees, understanding the importance and relevance of microlearning is crucial. Microlearning can help you leverage modern technologies, such as their mobile phones to increase the accessibility of your e-learning program and ensure that your compliance training is appropriate. Microlearning involves quick assessments and check-ups that reinforce learning, and cognitive science states that these measures can make learning more effective and improve overall retention rates.