How to boost employee wellbeing with training?

Viren Kapadia October 4, 2021
How to boost employee wellbeing with training?

Most of the employees spend a significant portion of their time in their daily life at the workplace. Executing projects and finishing assignments to submit them within the deadline, they live life with these only. They often forget to think about their wellbeing, physical health, and mental health, both of which remain unnoticed and uncared for.

All about Employee Wellbeing:

The term employee wellbeing is a measure of the condition of the employee's mental health and physical health which is counted explicitly as a means for employee engagement and employee happiness; also the experience with the stress level, work engagement, activities, duties, work expectations, and most importantly, the work environment.

Often considered only physical health and focusing on nutrition and physical exercise, mental health is ignored mainly in cases of employee wellbeing. But the fact is when it comes to maintaining wellbeing, it should focus on both of them equally. For mental wellbeing, they should have a holistic approach and take care of their lifestyle like balancing personal and professional commitments, taking proper rest, and ample quality time to spend with peace of mind.

Importance of Employee Wellbeing:

Here comes a surprising fact about the well-being of employees and how it's related to an organization's business growth. It sounds riveting when we say that employee wellbeing is the foundation stone for a business's growth strategy.

For an organization or a company, employee wellbeing plays a vital role in the overall performance level of the office as it could be seen that their working pace and productivity rate solely depend on their mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore, this is a vital step towards building a solid and purposeful strategy for business growth.

Moreover, research indicates that an organization's employee wellbeing is directly related to some of the essential factors of the business model, like employee engagement, the productivity of the business, etc. For this reason, now employee wellbeing has become a top priority task for every organization.

So, we have brought you some fantastic tips and tricks to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost employee wellbeing with training.

Recognize talent and appreciate them:

One of the most important ways to implement a good strategy for employee wellbeing is recognizing talents from the team and appreciating them. Recognizing their efforts and providing a certificate of achievement is an excellent way to show appreciation for the employees who deserve it. This will boost them to work more.

Help them discover their purpose:

Team leaders should allow their team members to choose from the categories of work and help them to explore their abilities. This way, employees will be able to discover their true potential and purpose to fulfill in life. This helps in finding peace of mind too.

Spread mental health awareness:

Mental health is gaining its attention with each passing day in recent years. Currently, for the ongoing pandemic condition, mental health has become one of the essential factors in the world. In workplaces, there should be a scope to organize campaigns for spreading mental health awareness. This way, employees will be able to get in touch with experts if they need some professional help, and also, they will understand their mental health issues with more clarity. If they need it, they can seek help from specialists in this field.

Give some fitness challenges:

Organizing fitness challenges is one of the best ways to bring the motion to the workplace for boosting employee wellbeing. These kinds of challenges help them coordinate with fellow members, and the whole curriculum could be done in a friendly way with so much fun. This helps to build peace between the team members, and also they become aware of their health.

Practice gratitude:

Research shows that gratitude is directly related to mental wellbeing as practicing gratitude helps to strengthen your relationship, bringing a dose of happiness in daily routine, and drawing inspiration from the walk of life. The fact is, gratitude is an integral part of the work culture, and it provides a smooth way to make a chance for the recognition of their efforts.

Healthy relationships in the employee circle:

One of the best wellness strategies one could foster at the workplace is building and maintaining a healthy bond with colleagues and everyone from the organization. This eventually helps fulfill certain aspects with more power, and all doubts are erased as everyone from the team works cooperating in the best way possible. Gradually, this makes way towards a healthy mindset and gives peace of mind at the end of the day end, which is very important for the mental wellbeing of the employees.

Cultivate compassion:

Being empathetic towards your people is always a great thing to live life with spreading kindness all over. Sometimes we should keep away the professional approach and give the employees a personal touch by stretching hands to bring out some empathetic solutions and cultivate an environment with love and compassion. This step is beneficial in making a boost in employees’ well-being always.

Importance on personal development:

In every field of work, it's entirely possible to get tired or bored or feeling stressed or frustrated. So, one of the best ways to ensure that your employees are learning new things and expanding knowledge is by providing them with personal and professional development.

Grant sabbaticals:

Sabbaticals are extremely helpful when employees have reached burnout and desperately need a break from work. At that time, if they are allowed to take a leave of few days and take proper rest or do something they are passionate about, this step helps in gaining their energy back in force. Then, when they return to the workplace and start executing projects, this time, their performance is uplifted as they have restored energy to work with new perspectives and visions.

Make way for natural light:

Getting some extra dose of sunshine is the same as making way for an extra dose of motivation at your workplace. Research has found that natural light significantly impacts daytime function, working productivity, the quality of work-life, and sleeping time for the employees.

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