10 Ways HR Can Motivate Your Remote Workforce

Viren Kapadia January 12, 2022
10 Ways HR Can Motivate Your Remote Workforce

Work from home has become normal after the pandemic. Everyone is so busy with managing day-to-day activities that the need for upskilling is compromising somewhere. To sustain and grow in the competitive work environment, companies must not neglect the employee demand for training and development. It will not just benefit the workforce but also the management to attract and retain new talents. An employee skill management system is the best option to ensure this purpose. It’s important to note that tracking workforce productivity is as necessary as providing the best training programs.

Gallup Workplace 2016 poll states, 59% of millennials agree opportunities to learn and grow are extremely important to them. They are way smarter compared to previous times. They’ll not even accept the offer letter if they feel that the work environment doesn’t provide efficient training programs. Another survey says that 40% of employees who get poor on-the-job training left the workplace within the first year itself. The companies have to ensure that the licensed staffers are keeping up with the training programs to maintain efficiency and boost employee productivity.

Talking about the solutions to ensure this purpose, training tracking software proves to be a valuable tool. It comes with an easy-to-understand visual dashboard that tells about employee learning. This proficient tool also makes sure everyone is understanding the resources.

Why is employee training tracking software a necessity for today’s professional space?

Companies make a considerable amount of investment in training programs. It will not be worth it if the workforce is not leveraging the learning resources well. The management will get the positive outcomes of training only when they are aware of employee progress. Tracking their performance is the best way to measure the ROI of training efforts. The HRM should know about the courses employees have completed and the time spent on them.

Unfortunately, some companies are still lacking the tools that can ease their pressure of providing learning opportunities. Many employees are not properly engaged at work. It costs heavily to the companies in terms of lost productivity. The cutting-edge LMS can remove these inefficiencies and centralize workplace operations. When employee productivity improves through training and development, it ensures the effective utilization of resources, higher per capita income, and lowers training costs. Training tracking software keeps an accurate record of the employee's progress. It allows the management to bring out the best in them.

It’s time to remove training bottlenecks!

The workforce looks for collaboration and communication in training programs. If they don’t feel engaged with the trainers online, they probably won’t complete the courses. LMS takes care of this need and encourages them to go ahead with the learning. It contributes to the best performance in their jobs. Above anything else, LMS comes with features like e-reporting that catch low-performance patterns and collect actionable feedback. It makes sure that employee performance issues are addressed timely.

Here are some of the top reasons that state why learning tracking software like LMS can enhance employee work productivity:

  • Takes project management to the next level

    The aim of the businesses is to manage the projects efficiently. It is possible only when the workforce has adequate skills and expertise to handle such complex work. Remote working has created even more challenges to execute the projects. LMS streamlines project management by allotting roles, tracking employee progress, and sharing confidential data that the workforce requires to get the job done.

    The management can configure the system to send automatic notifications to the teams that help them to stay on track. This tracking software allows project managers to add tasks to the list and classify them according to priority. They can do a follow-up with the team members to wind up the necessary tasks on time. It builds a sense of community for better project management.

  • Integrates with other tools

    It takes time to set up the training modules on multiple platforms. Also, the costs increase in procuring, installing, and maintaining various systems. Tracking software like LMS comes with integration capabilities to ease the training process. It not only saves time and money but also makes employees more productive.

    LMS also improves the quality of the data. Due to the fast accessibility of information and e-learning programs, professionals can proactively manage their work. Departments can connect with this technology in place.

  • Remove training roadblocks

    The reason why employees are reluctant for e-learning programs is that they think it is monotonous and time-consuming. An ideal LMS encourages participation in training by eliminating navigation roadblocks. It does have the ability to upgrade the skills and capabilities of the employees. Their confidence in the work performed will be boosted in the end.

    With the help of an LMS, the management can identify the skill gaps and offer the required courses to fill those gaps. The tailored content helps the learners to understand and absorb the resources better without the risks of failing. Most importantly, the workforce doesn’t have to worry about fixing IT bugs. LMS automatically updates the courses as per the latest learning trends keeping the industry compliance and regulations in consideration.

  • Enables better communication

    LMS offers a variety of options such as screen sharing, video conferencing, forums, real-time chat, etc. With these highly advanced and technical communication options, employees can interact with teams easily. Effective communication boosts engagement in learners. The efficient LMS will always understand the communication pattern of the employees and take the training in that way only. It allows the management to make more strategic decisions like team development, employee development, and delegation based on such information. Training tracking software identifies the learning gaps and strikes a proper balance between company and employee goals.

Are you ready to hire the best employee training tracking software?

LMS has a lot to offer in the e-learning industry. All businesses have to do is to leverage such progressing technologies at the right time. Gyrus LMS can take your workforce productivity to the next level.