How can you reduce your training costs with a Cloud LMS?

Viren Kapadia Apr 15, 2020
How can you reduce your training costs with a Cloud LMS?

Many big companies like Cisco have already switched from the traditional classroom training sessions to the cloud-based alternatives to reduce their overall training costs. Experts say that companies will see a reduction in this cost up to 30-40% and, in some cases, up to 60-70%.

Not only this, but many such facts illustrate why cloud-based training has evolved as a hot topic among many corporations both big and small. Various factors make the cost of cloud-based training more effective. These factors include lower travel costs, lower infrastructure costs, as well as pay-as-you-go payment plans.

Although various reasons help to reduce the training costs with a cloud LMS, we are going to take a closer look at a crucial few here.

Reduced Set-Up & Maintenance Costs

A large outlay in software and hardware is required to arrange conventional computer classrooms. To conduct such sessions, companies need to allot more resources and install multiple operating systems along with the hardware. They also have to take care of the on-going maintenance.

In contrast, automated e-learning in the USA is a web-based platform that can work properly without any specific software installed on one's computer. Also, there is no need to manage and maintenance of servers, and save money on IT expertise or staff responsible for handling such jobs.

You can also ask the LMS provider to manage the software for you. This helps in saving a significant amount of money that you spend on capital expenditures as well as operational and implementation expenses. Experts from the say that the implementation of the cloud-based online classes helps lessen training expenses by up to more than 50%.

Easy Availability of Tailored Training

Large capacity limits and upfront costs are attached to the arrangement of physical classroom training sessions. Training campuses are based on the trainee headcount, server inventory, and size of the training room.

If you opt for the package, there are chances of spending extra on the unnecessary infrastructure. In case of leaving the option, you must seek out the companies that could help you rent out the additional space and servers at a good rate.

However, a cloud-powered environment doesn’t come with such kind of limitations. You will have the full freedom to train as many employees as you wish. Apart from this, they will keep providing full support to an overwhelming number of trainees. Plus, as you are not choosing or pre-booking physical space, you have to pay significantly less for fulfilling your training without upfront financial commitment

Reducing Human Error in Course Building

Humans make mistakes no matter what kind of tasks they handle. When it comes to training employees, the same applies. When training is given through the cloud-based authoring and reporting tools, you can expect to reduce the possibilities of errors. Whether it consists of the usage of templates or an automatic process – the main pressure is put on the tool as compared to the human being.

All your teams and departments can opt for the expert training management system to use the same resources as well as remain accurate and consistent.

Online Videos & Images Are an Additional Feature

E-Learning courses are offered by plenty of reputed content providers. These courses come with videos and images that make it easier for users to learn. Your employees can access videos anytime they want and get a chance to collect relevant information about important topics.

Most importantly, you will be able to get the quality content without spending a single penny on video production.

When applied to the course, the online content fits perfectly into the parts of the course. Making it easy to access information from the entire lesson. The best thing is that you don’t need to leave that page to access the information. The main objective is to make your learning experience easy and informative and keep the trainee focused.

In case of looking forward to knowing how to import employee and training history records into LMS , feel free to surf the web and collect relevant information on the same. Good luck with your search to bring the right LMS to your office to reduce your training costs!