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Skill LMS - A Welcome Shift for Human Resources?

The key to competitiveness today is the company’s ability to manage and develop the knowledge and skills of their people using competency management system.  If David McClelland were alive today,

he would be pleased to see remnants of his motivational needs theory as a recognized function of corporate HR, Training and Education departments. A pioneer in workplace motivational thinking, McClelland once argued that competency-based assessments and tests are better than traditional IQ and personality-based tests. He believed testing for competence is the best predictor for successful job performance. Would McClelland be pleased to see corporations spending more time and money on human capital? You bet he would.

If your organization is beginning to understand that Competency Management System  is central to workforce development, then it’s time to take the steps to create the foundation that will lead to better staffing practices, targeted learning initiatives, focused individual development plans, disaster planning, improved project teams, succession planning, and every other workforce management activity from hire to retire.

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