Gyrus and Warp VR Announce Global Partnership

Viren Kapadia June 20, 2022
Gyrus and Warp VR Announce Global Partnership

Bringing a revolution in the global world of learning and upskilling, Gyrus has partnered with Warp VR for their scenario-based VR learning solution. Two worlds have joined forces to provide training professionals worldwide with the skills, knowledge, and infrastructure needed to develop and distribute effective story-based VR training solutions in a seamless learning environment. This blog is going to shed light on the goals of this partnership and the ways it can boost your company’s training experience. The topics we will go through are:

  • What does the partnership mean for Gyrus?
  • What does the partnership mean for Warp VR?
  • Effect of VR training on your company’s growth

VR learning will effectively increase the retention rate and the learner’s engagement with its highly immersive learning experience. VR introduction is a step forward by both Gyrus and Warp VR to help organizations of different industries worldwide to create a culture that is committed to learning and talent development.

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What does the partnership mean for Gyrus?

Gyrus has been focusing on providing a unique learning experience through its highly intelligent LMS, which drives learners to engage and provides them with information in bites through microlearning. Spread over 24+ countries and over 570+ companies, Gyrus’s learning management technology has been making training more efficient, more productive, and a major contributor to the success of various organizations since 1987.

The introduction of VR through the partnership is allowing Gyrus to achieve their goal of creating an experience-based training programme that the employees look forward to more effectively. Gyrus’s President and CEO Viren Kapadia, believes that Warp VR’s unique approach to virtual storytelling and the creation of scenario-based VR learning solutions turn passive learning into active experiences that meet the expectations of today’s learners. The learners will get to experience whatever they learn in a fun gamified environment and increase their retention and application capacity through the VR infrastructure. Gyrus actively works to take a step forward in creating a work culture around the globe that focuses on skill development and progressive learning.

What does the partnership mean for Warp VR?

Warp VR is an immersive learning tech and services provider enabling story-based, real-life situational training courses. It has a global network of experts and a growing library of off-the-shelf content, with a mission to enable immersive learning at scale.

Co-Founder and CEO of Warp VR believe that the partnership and the involvement of VR training can help to create motivated and confident employees. They can access the right skills, knowledge, and experience when they need it. Warp is looking forward to working with Gyrus to help more companies improve their blended learning approach and grow.

How can VR transform your training programs?

The introduction of virtual learning takes a passive approach to an active one where trainees can learn various skills in a guided, realistic but safe environment. It provides a more practical approach to theoretical learning and is applicable in every industry. VR learning is extremely engaging and provides a story-based learning experience that will entertain the trainees while learning. The more involved the trainees are in the learning process, the better it is for the company to invest in and get returns on their training.

In industries like healthcare and manufacturing, trainees can practise through VR learning, which would lead to no wastage of resources for training purposes, helping companies with their larger production costs. Increased employee engagement and productivity make companies profit and help them focus on reaching their goals.

When VR training is said, the first thing that occurs is its highly immersive nature. VR training is an engaging and interactive process that retains the trainee’s attention for a longer period. A longer attention period means more knowledge and skill transfer to the trainees. Companies’ investment in training is well paid off with the benefits of VR tools. Better retention of information means better performance and faster milestone achievement for the company.

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  1. What are the benefits of VR training?

VR training is an advanced way to provide active learning in a safe environment. Some of the various benefits of VR training include:

  • Improved learning and performance
  • Speeding up the learning process
  • Reducing costs
  • Remote training and accessibility
  • A More Practical, Hands-on Approach
  • Encourage Exploration and Trial & Error
  • Boost Learning Retention
  • Learning that is Paced Appropriately

What is Virtual Training?

VR training is an immersive learning experience that recreates real-life settings and is storytelling-based. It gives employees the chance to gain on-the-job training in a risk-free environment where they can learn more effectively. The training occurs using a combination of virtual instructor-led sessions and self-paced training.