Essential Topics To Be Covered In A Compliance Training Online Program For Employees

Viren Kapadia June 11, 2021
Essential Topics To Be Covered In A Compliance Training Online Program For Employees

Any idea of how to make your employees aware of workplace ethics while training them online? If you still don't know, then taking compliance training online is the answer! Training is fundamental for every organization where the employee's skills are developed according to the job position. But for the overall development of the employees, they must be familiar with the regularities, policies, and work culture of the organization.

What is Compliance training?

“Compliance training” is a right for every individual as it delivers information that protects organizations and individual employees by ensuring laws, regulations, and company policies are properly communicated. The topics covered under compliance training are meant to keep employees safe, allow systems to run smoothly, and develop a culture of respect. The only difference in compliance training online is all this information is delivered through online training platforms.

Compliance training online - A much-needed training for every organization!

The rights and safety of the employees are important, and so does the work ethics of the organization. This mutual give and take will be fulfilled only when a proper education setup is present to transfer the crucial information. Compliance training online makes sure that it delivers a safe workplace for the employees that are free of harassment at the same time organization policies are ensured.

Compliance training is often seen as a necessity box to check off, with little engagement during training and no reinforcement of the provided information. However, it's not true. It can seriously impact your company culture and ability to retain talented employees in the long run.

Non-compliance can lead to fatal consequences which include fines, penalties, and injuries. All thanks to the pandemic, as it has made online training the norm for corporations.

There are many reasons which create the need for compliance training:

  • Ensuring a safer workplace
  • Rise in productivity
  • Reduce the chances of absenteeism due to injury, mental health issues, etc.
  • Achieving insurance for your organization
  • Maintain the reputation of the organization
  • Reduces the risk of legal action
  • Curbs physical, verbal, sexual, and mental abuse in the workplace
  • Creates a more broad culture through diversity training

Benefits of taking compliance training online

Of course, while taking compliance training online, the mode of training changes but the purpose remains the same. Here are some of the benefits of going digital with compliance training:

  • The time and cost savings are tremendous when corporations use an online, and off-the-shelf library of compliance courses.
  • Stay up to date with the compliance course material. Here the content provider handles adjustments to training material so the trainers don't have to do it themselves.
  • Taking compliance training online easily tracks employee's course completions as it automatically tracks with easy-to-read reports available online.
  • Mobile-friendly compliance courses mean the employees can take required training from any device, even from remote places.
  • Instead of taking employees off the job for an hour of compliance training, make them fit in “microlearning courses” where they can learn according to their schedule.
  • With regular quizzes and support boosters built into the delivery of compliance courses, organizations can greatly enrich the amount of information that employees retain and transmit to real-life situations.

It would be great for the learners to get the compliance training online as now they will learn about the regulations and policies of the organization in the smartest way possible.

Essential Topics Of An Effective Compliance Training Online Program

It doesn't matter which industry you are currently operating in, compliance training should be on your priority list. The employees should be compliant with the industry, workplace, and duties in which they are currently operating. You need to consider these topics if you are taking compliance training online:

  1. Workplace Safety
  2. Every employee in the organization expects the workplace to be safe and secure. This factor can directly affect the productivity of the workforce. Organizations need to make sure that this topic should be covered while taking compliance training online.

    The training should make sure that employees learn who they are and what are the appropriate behaviors. Also, fire safety and emergency learning should be imparted.

  3. Anti-Harassment
  4. Here employees will learn how to respond to incidents of bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment in the workplace. The trainers should clearly define what harassment is and outline any associated behaviors to the employees. Along with this, anti-harassment training through online platforms should cover effective strategies.

  5. Diversity and Respect Training
  6. This topic of taking compliance training online promotes the vitalities of diversity and addresses how to operate with people of diverse ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, mental or physical abilities, etc.

    Employees should learn how to effectively adopt the valuable inputs and viewpoints that a diverse workplace brings to the table. It should also address how different demographics are defined in the company's documents, and marketing content.

  7. Risk Management
  8. There are certain risks involved in every organization. Employees should know how to take calculated risks which can benefit them in the future. Optimal online compliance training should train employees to avoid incidents by evaluating all areas of operations and creating protocols to manage potential risks.

  9. Cyber Security
  10. Data protection and privacy are of utmost importance to an organization. They can't afford to lose out on crucial information which can affect their operations on a vast scale. This is the reason why this topic is given a separate section while taking compliance training online. Here the employees are trained to efficiently manage the big volume of sensitive and confidential data strategically.

  11. HR Compliance
  12. It is the organization's commitment to follow the approachable standards set out by the employment law. This topic of compliance training informs the employees that they must have received all entitlements as per the employment contract. This training module ensures that the employees in the HR department are meeting all legal obligations required for the organization.

Get Gyrus LMS for taking compliance training online

Organizations need to provide compliance training online to their employees as it is bound by law. It has contributed as a core function to the organization's risk management system. It informs employees that the organization respects their dignity at the same time they will be aware of corporate ethics. Still, have any doubts regarding online compliance training platforms? Come to the Gyrus website or contact us for further details.