E-Learning Software for Schools & Training

Leverage Software for E-Learning for Schools that is an eLearning Software for Training for teachers to create and publish syllabus, quizzes & online exams.

e-Learning Software for Schools & Training

Our e-learning software for schools & training has a perfect balance of impactful design and cutting-edge technology. Users – students, faculty members, team leaders, and admins remain fully informed about the major events, due dates, and other important activities. Thereby, perfectly generating and finishing all sorts of content. Automation through software for e-learning helps in reducing the time invested by management.

What is E-learning?

E-learning or electronic learning refers to the process of delivering a course, instruction, and training electronically through the internet. This can be conducted through software for e-learning.

How can our e-Learning software help?

The software for e-learning that we provide to schools and organizations stands tall on the strong foundation of research, technology, and learning. They provide an interactive learning environment for students in a class. Our software makes it easier for teachers to create, upgrade, and access any data virtually. The best part is both trainers and trainees can use our software for online assignment submission, online test evaluation, etc.

  • Gamified learning
  • Blended learning solutions
  • Social learning
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Custom software for e learning
  • Cloud-based LMS
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Why Will You Love Our E-Learning Software?

Why will you love our e-Learning software?

Our software for e-learning provides a brilliant chance to collaborate online for a more engaging learning environment accessible to all. You can engage with learners through Q&A sessions and moderated chats. Recognized as the best e-learning software, GyrusAim offers plenty of brilliant features that transform the way you consider e-learning. Some of them are defined below -

  • Rapid course authoring
  • Tracking and assessment
  • Automated functionality
  • API integration
  • Content creation tools
  • Interactive and easy to use

Why choose GyrusAim for e-Learning software?

We don't want to compose lengthy content to describe our advantageous software for e-learning. Our wide client base ranging from corporate biggies, and well-known colleges to universities does all the talking for us. Need some facts to say more about our e-learning software? Look at the following factors -

  • Simple yet robust software
  • Tailor-made e-learning courses
  • 24/7 support
  • Ability to monitor learners' participation and download report
  • 100% security
  • Ability to customize users roles
Why Choose GyrusAim For E-Learning Software?

Do you want to create a virtual class that keeps learners engaged and lets them understand what to expect? Deliver knowledge collaboratively, interact with students, and measure their progress using our software for e-learning. So, contact us or drop in your details in an email to let our e-learning experts contact you ASAP and deliver the software you need.


  1. What are the must-have features of an e-learning software?
  2. Offering advanced training is crucial for every organization. It's the point where application of e-learning software in training programs makes sense. To choose the best software for e-learning, you need to make sure that it offers great user experience. Also, it should be easily accessible and offers an excellent level of interactivity. Ensure these features when choosing an e-learning software:

    • Collaboration of various learning tools
    • Strong reporting with customization
    • Web-based business support
    • Brand integration
    • Online course catalogs
    • Self registration
    • Responsive design features
    • Accreditation support
    • Natural user interface
    • Availability features

    Gyrus e-learning software offers all these features for an effective learning process.

  3. Does our e-learning software support many types of media?
  4. Gyrus software for e-learning supports several types of media, including pdfs, animations, videos, music, and simulations. You can ensure effective learning at the end of the training program.

  5. How does Gyrus e-learning software benefit a business?
  6. The training demand of every business is different! Only an advanced training software can meet these diverse learning demands. Gyrus LMS creat personalized content for employees and distribute them effectively. It allows businesses to meet the diverse learning demands of its employees.

  7. What are the tips to engage learners in an online learning?
  8. As compared to traditional training, online learning offers several benefits. However, to drive engagement among learners in this training process, keep these factors in consideration:

    • Add interactive elements
    • Conduct an online quiz or polls to keep learners engaged in a course content
    • Keep learning content short and crisp
    • Offer fun prizes and badges to make learning a fun process
    • Provide certifications on course completion

    Gyrus LMS systems come with these interesting offerings to make your online training a true success.

  9. Who should use e-learning software?
  10. Anyone can use e-Learning software for the upskilling process. It includes publishers, educational institutions, or small, mid-sized and large businesses. However, the right solution will vary, depending on their industry, needs, and objectives.

    To make the right selection, you must choose an LMS that caters to the learning demands of your professionals. Gyrus LMS systems have the ability to match the training needs of organizations of every size! Connect with us today to know further about our LMS offerings.