Does Your Online Learning Platform Give You Value for Your Money?

Viren Kapadia Oct 03, 2019
Does Your Online Learning Platform Give You Value for Your Money?

Based on your skill/performance gaps and organizational goals, you have already created a long list of what you need in your elearning and training platform. But, does it give you the value you need for the money? Do the features on your list provide you with maximized ROI?

Online learning systems have the potential to boost the rate of skill acquisition, empower corporate learners at a remote location and eliminate skill gaps. Some training systems can even help you with onboarding new hires, and improving your business partnerships, sales, and customer relations. So, with timely, quick and efficient training solutions, it can be said that elearning systems deliver complete value for money to you.

But, the real question here is does your learning system gives you the right value for the money? If you are planning to invest in a top online learning platform for business for the very first time, do check out the below-listed features carefully. In case you already have an online training system, switch to a new learning system, if the following features are not available in yours.

Key Features to Note

If you wish to invest in a high value learning platform, keep an eye on the following features -

  1. Integration Capabilities

    You might want to integrate a few features and functionalities that are outside your learning system into your LMS or training system. With a good value learning system, you can actually integrate third-party resources, like HR software or eLearning content repositories, into your learning system. With such integration capabilities, you can help your corporate learners succeed and get an enhanced user experience, even when learning remotely. You also save money by eliminating the need to purchase other replacements.

  2. Responsive Design

    With a responsive design, the learners can access the learning materials from any location, at any time. This is basically a concept of mobile learning, which means that it is not mandatory for the learners to be present at the office to participate in the training session. Using any mobile device or browser, they can access vital training materials and complete their training at their own pace anywhere. With this flexibility, they get enough time to clearly understand the training concepts, polish their skills and bridge the performance gaps.

  3. Gamification

    Gamification is the ideal way to actively engage learners in the training process. It involves incorporating various features, like levels, badges, points etc., into the eLearning course design. Some learning systems often come with elearning themes and templates that help in saving time and resources. You can also use gamification to identify the top talent among your learners by monitoring individual progress and ignite friendly competition among them.

  4. Reporting and Analytics Features

    If you wish to keep track of the progress of online training, identify performance gaps and check if your training objectives are actually being fulfilled, do look for this feature in your training system. These features also help in compliance tracking, which reveals whether learners are achieving organizational standards. Depending on the Big Data you receive, you can make better decisions that in turn, help you meet your organizational goals.

  5. Data Security

    One of the most important features that your online training platform must have is built-in data security measures. These data security LMS features should include login authentications, data encryption protocols, and backup storage. With these benefits, you can be assured that your sensitive learning information won’t fall prey to the wrong hands. Before settling down with any learning system be sure you ask for all the details on security from the vendor and determine how often their data protection protocols are updated.

With these important features in your learning system, you can clearly say that the training would be effective, efficient, and a high value for money. The value or return you get will be multiple times the money you invested. As you analyze your training needs and goals, assess which platforms or functionalities need to be integrated with, and determine what form of training must take place, keep these factors in mind so you invest in the right learning system to bring you the value you should realize.