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LMS, Uncategorized  By: Mike Babcock

do yaOur Gyrus Systems team works with customers every day.  Many conversations are about how to use features of the GyrusAim LMS not yet implemented

because these customers want to get the most out of their investment.  In many cases they are inspired to understand at a strategic level the results of their efforts via reporting and analysis.  This makes sense because these Training Managers invest a lot of energy and company resources ensuring their staff development programs are effective.  Kudos to them for wanting to understand at a higher level the fruits of their labor.

Analysis of LMS data by Training Managers is important but I’ve noticed it’s often ignored.  The reasons are many, ranging from managers not having enough time, to too few resources, to not even knowing such analysis tools exist!

All LMSs include data analysis tools and time should be allocated by Training Managers to learn how to use these features and to comprehend the resulting metrics or statistics.  Spending the time analyzing training data will actually save more time in the long run by eliminating wasted effort that may not be “on target” and producing the desired results.  For example, if a training program was created to reduce or eliminate accidents at a manufacturing facility, but those accidents are not getting reduced, then the training program should be modified.  Using analysis tools to reveal details of such problems are exactly the reason why they exist!

So if you are a Training Manager and do not leverage the analysis functions in your LMS, you should!  Allocate time to find and learn how to use these features.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how they can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your training and development program by revealing details you may not have known even existed.

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