Build an Engaging Compliance Training Program in Just a Few Steps

Viren Kapadia February 3, 2021
Build an Engaging Compliance Training Program in Just a Few Steps

With the world becoming digitalized, corporate sectors have changed their regulations; consequently, online compliance training has become a necessity. If you choose an interesting and engaging online compliance training program for your employees, they would have a deeper understating of ‘compliance’ and its needs. But it’s easier to say than to do!

They say you should enjoy what you learn. However, when you don’t, you just keep the bits and pieces of what you have learned rather than grasping the entire concept. Most of the time, online compliance training becomes a challenge for companies as it has been leaving employees inattentive and disinterested which hampers their performance in the organization. Keeping the employees engaged throughout the compliance training program is not easy but after reading this blog, you will know the trick of building an engaging compliance training program.

First, let’s know what happens when employees remain disinterested during the compliance training:

Traditional compliance training approaches and strategies have failed to keep the learners active, the result of which is that they either just cram up what they hear or doze off during the session. This may seem casual but this could create major financial and reputational damages within an organization. Most of the time, employees do not even understand why they are taking these lessons - they simply feel bound to do so. Rather than being a source of motivation, the compliance training sessions become a burden on employees and leave them demotivated. When employees do not take interest in their online compliance training sessions, they fail to understand its purpose and importance; consequently, they face compliance issues throughout their career, putting their organization at risk.

A few simple steps to develop an engaging compliance training program

  • Put forward some multimedia elements:

    We grasp more quickly when we visualize and this is what you have to do to make the online compliance training of your employees interesting and engaging. A perfect online employee training platform is one that puts a full stop at textbook-style learning and incorporates images, animation, videos to take over the traditional learning style. Ask your employees to create real-life videos so that they understand and learn better, this is how you build an efficient online training platform. Also, you can refer to multiple sources to collect fascinating study material. It is believed that when an individual learns through visuals, he takes his learning to his grave. Another important aspect of a successful online employee training platform is the relevance of the content delivered. So, make sure your employees can relate to it rather than watching it like a movie with a disorganized plot.

  • Introduce stories:

    The power of storytelling in online compliance training is beyond our imagination! Compliance training, being a dry subject can never hold the interest of employees unless you use various strategies to make the online employee training session ‘thought-provoking’. Ever since our childhood, we have been fascinated by stories and scenarios because stories resonate with us. It is a well-known fact that we learn the best when taught through stories. So, incorporating stories in your online compliance training program would probably be the best strategy to let your employees delve into the subject matter. Stories help employees to connect with whatever they see and listen to. Also, it keeps them stay motivated and enthusiastic throughout their career. Along with being a legal requirement, compliance training is mandatory for improving the performance of employees and enhancing their skills. The key point is that they can apply what they learned to their day-to-day life only when they can relate to those stories.

  • Look out for modern learners:

    The traditional method of compliance training was all about sitting for hours, taking lectures, and attempting assessments at the end. Now imagine a modern learner sitting in such an environment. Will he be able to grasp it? Don’t you think he will zonk out in between the lectures? In today’s time, every employee has his mobile phone and laptop 24/7 with him so why not make their online compliance training interactive through these gadgets. When you use an online LMS for your employees it will help them manage and track their progress and in this way, they will become more active throughout their training. Online compliance training eliminates the hassle of keeping manual data entry and checklists. Looking out for modern learners is the NEED, encourage self-motivated learning by using various sources like search engines, social media, wiki sites, etc.

  • Introduce gamification

    We become more enthusiastic when we are competing with others and have an urge to win, isn’t it? The purpose of introducing gamification in online compliance training is the same - to make learners more energetic and enthusiastic. The best contribution of gamification to online compliance training is building higher recall and retention of employees. Gamification helps employees knowing the answer of ‘why comply’ that too in an interesting way. It makes them learn the importance of winning, both in real life and in a game, stimulating their progress alongside. Gamification also leads to necessary behavioral changes in employees that stay with them throughout their life. Set challenges, organize competitions, do everything that fills them with the desire to jump to the next level and keep doing better in every upcoming level.

  • Keep them Notified

    We can't stay on track all the time if not reminded, likewise, small nudges help employees stay reminded of their online compliance training sessions. Keep sending them alerts and notifications from time to time so they can know what steps they should take to stay compliant. A successful online employee training is one that lets employees compare their current performance to their previous learning and make necessary changes. Assign regular tasks and assessments to employees to let them keep track of what they are doing and what more is expected of them. Give them regular feedback on their performance, and yes, don’t forget to appreciate them for their good work.