Benefits of a Cloud Based Learning Management System

Viren Kapadia March 18, 2021
Benefits of a Cloud Based Learning Management System

Every employee in an organization possesses different sets of skills and abilities but all these skills are going to vanish when not challenged, improved, or applied. The most valuable investment that an organization makes is “investment in knowledge”. Now, you must be wondering how an organization invests in knowledge? When an organization gets competent learning management system for its employees, it can be called an investment in knowledge. An organization can only improve its team when it has improved training methods for employees. In simple words, you cannot improve the skills of your employees without improving yourself first.

Cloud based learning management system is one of the best examples of improved and advanced training methods. You can smoothly train your internal employees, partners as well as customers either by having LMS installed in your company’s network or getting cloud based learning management system (The latter is more important though!). Hosting your eLearning programs on a cloud based learning management system opens up seamless learning opportunities for employees that too without exhausting their minds. In this technology-driven world, cloud based LMS is appreciated by the modern employees the most and it makes them want to stay involved in the entire employee training process. Cloud based learning management systems are more creative, cost-effective, and accessible.

What is a cloud based learning management system?

A cloud based learning management system is one of the most convenient and cost-effective ways to train your employees anytime, anywhere. A cloud based learning management system facilitates easy access to LMS without the need for software or hardware installation. All you need to do is to log in to a service provider’s site and all the uploaded learning material will be ready in front of you! The eLearning materials uploaded by instructional designers through their browsers. The eLearning instructional designers can communicate with employees directly through the cloud based learning management system. In addition to this, instructional designers can also store the information on the cloud that can be accessed by other users as well (Only approved ones).

Now, let’s walk through some of the attractive benefits of the cloud based learning management system:

Data Security

Though the internet has become the most important part of our lives, yet it cannot be trusted completely. With the growing need for the internet especially in the education and work sector, data security has become the priority. When you train your employees using the internet, you obviously can’t risk your learning management platform. A cloud based learning management system offers you the utmost data security as the data is shared remotely keeping your information safe and secure. In this way, your data get free from the risk of being stolen or lost. The platforms used for cloud based LMS are properly guarded and encrypted.

Cost Effective

Usually, when you install LMS in your company’s network, it starts consuming you financially! In such a situation, getting a competent cloud based learning management system would be a smart choice. It eliminates the need for significant capital investment right in the start as you do need to purchase any software or hardware. Cloud based learning management systems are considered the best for small and medium organizations as they do not need to spend on hardware or software installation, improving glitches, and much more (But that does not mean large organizations are not benefitted from cloud based LMS, they can save a lot too!).

Easy Maintenance

Cloud based learning management systems do not leave any space for the hassle of dealing with glitches. Cloud based LMS providers like GYRUS have their IT staff on hand that takes all the responsibilities of maintenance on their shoulders and keeps making improvements in the LMS without any delay. With cloud based LMS, an organization can focus on its other important activities as the tasks of updating the LMS and adding new features are handled by cloud based LMS provides. The only task that an organization has to do is to sign up, everything else is handled by the instructional designers that too regularly.

Easy Accessibility

One of the amazing advantages of a cloud based learning management system is its easy accessibility. It does not matter when and where the employees are, they can simply log in to their LMS account and learn. Also, the cloud based learning management system can be accessed through any device connected to the internet i.e. laptops, computers, tabs, and mobile phones. On the other hand, the eLearning content designers also take the advantage of easy accessibility of cloud based LMS. They do not need any particular device or place to upload content. They can upload content, update features, deal with glitches as well as communicate with the learners and collaborators whenever they want.

More Storage Capacity

Most of the time, the storage problem becomes an obstacle in an employee’s way to success. When an organization keeps the eLearning content in its devices, it keeps struggling with managing the storage to add more content, consequently interrupting the whole employee training process. This becomes one of the reasons why organizations often prefer cloud based LMS. With cloud based LMS, the hassle of freeing up space from computers and laptops is eliminated as all the eLearning material including images and content is uploaded directly to the LMS. When the information is stored on a remote server, the content designers and collaborators easily update information and add more content whenever they want.

Gyrus is one of the best cloud based learning management system providers that make sure you get a user-friendly and fully secured server to train your employees without any hassle. One of the best advantages of Gyrus is that you get free trails before you make the actual purchase (Isn’t it the best way to make up your mind?). Gyrus keeps the data security of organizations at the top of its priority list; hence take every possible step to guard your data. The cloud based LMS provided by Gyrus has a responsive design and user-friendliness so that your employees can easily read the content on any device they want.