Basics of LMS: What is it all about

Viren Kapadia March 02, 2021
Basics of LMS

ELearning can be expedited within organizations with the help of online training software. In order to seamlessly train every employee, partner as well as a customer of an organization, it is imperative to implement online training software. One of the major advantages of online training software is its easy application; it can be used in every organization regardless of its size and industry type. It is a well-known fact that an individual learns well if he is involved in the learning process and that is what the learning management system does! Learning management system, a software-based platform has been developed to train employees without exhausting their minds. In simple words, it lets employees attain knowledge without feeling like it’s a compulsion. Employees learn the best when they are provided with engaging learning materials in the form of interactive videos, PDFs as well as games. Learning management is a perfect platform where employees get access to all of these so they can learn better and grow faster.

Learning management system is not used by companies only many colleges use this software to deliver online training to students and offer a slew of courses. Gone are the days when employees had to sit and listen to lectures for hours. Now, they are trained by involving them in their training session and letting them reflect on it. If you choose a good learning management platform for your organization, it will allow your employees to relate their learning to their past experiences along with applying it to their day-to-day lives. The performance tracking feature of LMS helps employees in knowing the level of their performance and improving it over time. One of the important benefits offered by a learning management system is that it provides an engaging learning experience to employees which lets them realize the importance of their role within an organization.

What is the purpose of a learning management system?

From the past few years, the demand for learning management systems has been steadily growing especially because of its unique objectives. Let’s delve into some of the main objectives of a learning management system:

  • To make employee training process easy

    Employee training - the easier it sounds, the harder it is to implement! Successful and quality training of employees is crucial for the growth of an organization but most of the time companies fail to deliver the same. It happens because of various reasons including the lack of professional learning and development programs, disengaging content as well as company’s failure to meet the needs of individual learners. Learning management systems emerged to make employee training easy. This eLearning tool has been created to make the training of employees a plain-sailing process and putting training at the fingertips of a company’s workforce. Learning management platforms design the content masterfully to let employees grasp the concept effortlessly.

  • To make content easily accessible

    The traditional way of training does not offer employees immediate access to content. This is why organizations prefer learning management systems as they provide trainees with the ability to take content everywhere. One of the major objectives of a learning management system is to make content available anytime-anywhere. Every employee has a mobile device in his/her hand and what’s more beneficial than having the content right in your hand so you can access it whenever you want. Mobile LMS makes the learning process the most flexible for employees as they can learn at their convenient timings. Also, the content employees get through mobile-first LMS is concise which facilitates employees to quickly complete one course and move to another.

  • To facilitate performance tracking

    The learning management system keeps the “convenience in performance tracking” at the top of its objectives list. Performance tracking is important in every learning process as it helps to rectify errors timely and improvise the training methods. Through performance tracking software, employers and supervisors can track the performance of employees and know if they are keeping up with the required tasks or not. It lets them understand the learning gaps so they can modify their methods to suit the requirement of each employee. Performance tracking is helpful for employees as well. On one hand, it helps quick learners to understand their strengths and on the other, slow learners can take lessons repeatedly until they fully grasp the content.

  • To reduce the training cost

    Well, who doesn’t like saving bucks? If you want to provide the best training to your employees along with saving a ton of money then you should invest in a learning management system. A learning management platform does not require trainers to teach your employees, consequently saving the travel and teaching cost of the trainer that you had to incur otherwise. In addition to the travel cost, you can also avoid boarding and lodging costs if you opt for a learning management system. All it takes is setting up the LMS and get your employees started with their training.

Some of the basic features of LMS

Learning management platforms are designed to serve a significant benefit to organizations. When it comes to training the employees, the learning management system is the first choice of every organization as it was developed to fulfill the learning needs of employees and build a flourishing career for them. Some of the basic features of LMS are:

  • Learning management systems are customizable and multi-lingual
  • Automatic pre-registration and order management
  • Facilitating course communications and various notifications on a single platform
  • Keeping a track of employees’ progress
  • Ensuring compatibility with the help of various course types and formats
  • Conveniently storing data in one place
  • Easily managing and creating assessments
  • Making financial administration pretty straight forward with the help of direct payments

GyrusAim is one of the best learning management platforms that offer you an easy and complete user experience. GyrusAim meets all the aforementioned objectives to offer you the best services. Selecting GyrusAim as a training platform for your organization provides you with excellent opportunities in terms of personal and professional development.