Are You One of the 25%?

Jan 8, 2016
Are You One of the 25%?

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Learning Management Systems (LMS) must evolve as the dynamic learning environment of its users change. If an LMS isn’t continuously improved

then these users cannot benefit from better pedagogic techniques and methodologies.  For example, learning no longer only takes place in classrooms, it happens online, in social settings, and on mobile devices: virtually everywhere.  LMSs must advance to meet the ever-changing learning environment for its users via the addition of new features and enhancements. If the LMS does not change then the user's education suffers.

Consider the following questions as they relate to the LMS in place at your company:

1. Does your LMS make the latest technology tools and resources available?
2. Does my LMS have social capabilities and features?
3. Am I investing too much time and too many resources into an LMS that is rarely improved?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these three questions, it may be time to find a new LMS provider. Before the LMS search begins, it’s important to record the reasons why your current LMS is inadequate. These reasons are more important than the decision to switch because they help you to decide what features are required in your new LMS. Common reasons for switching include scalability issues, outdated features, a complicated interface, and/or poor customer support.

The decision to switch can be narrowed down into three main areas:

The Product
1. Features
2. Functions
3. Integrations

The Vendor
1. Service
2. Support
3. Continuity

The Cost
1. Annual/licensing
2. Maintenance
3. Overhead

Finally, (and surprisingly) according to a survey conducted by Bersin & Associates, 25% of customers were dissatisfied with their current LMS and said they were likely to switch vendors within the next year.  That’s a lot of dissatisfaction, but we can help! For those (or any) LMS users, review the Gyrus Systems' LMS Switching Guide to find out how to succeed at identifying the right LMS for your company.

Don’t be one of the 25% of dissatisfied LMS users in 2016!