Advantages of Leveraging an LMS for Blended Learning

Viren Kapadia June 22, 2020
Advantages of Leveraging an LMS for Blended Learning

New-age enterprises have to encounter several unique challenges. And one challenge pertains to the need of ensuring effective training of employees. As organizations grow and branch out into multiple locations, teams become increasingly spread apart by geographical locations. Moreover, there is a growing incidence of companies offering their employees the ability to work from home. One of the activities that is affected the most by this phenomenon is the training and development of human resources. In addition, traditional training has been found to be inadequate, and therefore, there have been several innovations in training methodologies. One of them is the concept of blended learning, that employs both, the classroom training approach as well as the use of digital audio-visual aids that complement the former. In facilitating this blended learning approach, a Learning Management System such as GyrusAIM can be of immense help. Here’s how:

Remote Virtual Classroom Training

In case a classroom training session is required to be scheduled for a remote team where it is difficult to have all the members in the same classroom, the LMS can allow the trainer to schedule the session which each employee who is supposed to attend can view from home. The trainer might not even need to be present in the classroom; all he requires is a video-cam facility to conduct the session from his cabin or home, or he might just upload a presentation for everyone to view while he interacts with the trainees. The two-way communication channel that the LMS provides can replicate the classroom training experience, or maybe even make it better since both the trainer and trainees could be at a place of their convenience and preference during the session.

Pre-Recorded Learning Modules

As an alternative to live training sessions, what a trainer can also do is to upload pre-recorded sessions or podcasts. Why this can be beneficial is because he can ensure that the training module is recorded in perfect synchronization with the audio-visual aids that he seeks to include. Moreover, because this is not a live session, the intended trainees can take the session at a time of their convenience. Also, they would also have the option to rewind the module in case they need to, and go about it at a pace they are individually comfortable with, without affecting other trainees’ learning experience.

Easy Training Management

The use of LMS such as GyrusAIM enables trainers to schedule training sessions and easily notify the intended trainees of the same, allows them to securely store all training documents in a single repository, and facilitate easy one-on-one interaction between trainers and trainees. Additionally, an LMS can be utilized to gamify the learning experience, resulting in higher trainee engagement and participation. Individual employees could also track their own development plan and can customize their training in accordance with the way they hope to chart out their career progression path within the organization.

The above points demonstrate how the utilization of LMS can significantly improve the blended learning experience. It is no surprise then, our clients from diverse sectors have shown a keen interest in adopting our customizable LMS platform to address their training needs.