Adopting an LMS: How Manufacturing Industries Can Benefit

Dec 19, 2012

While all industries practice training methods, the manufacturing industry has the most challenging environment when it comes to training.

Why Manufacturing Industry Needs to Adopt an LMS?

As a main driver in economic wealth, the manufacturing industry accounts for 12.5 percent of U.S. GDP and 11 percent of total U.S. employment. With strict training regimens and industry requirements (such as OSHA and ISO 9000), it’s important to adopt an LMS (Learning Management System) to manage necessary training in the workplace. There is a strong focus on productivity, costs, and efficiency and because of the industry’s large size, it is very diverse and adopts many different processes.

In this industry, there are employees everywhere. Some work in shops, others in offices, some outside of plants and others across the world. Therefore, language is also a huge factor in this industry and its training practices. Gyrus Systems knows how important it is to make training available to all of your customers, not just the ones at your location, which is why their LMS, GyrusAim, is available in 25+ languages.

How an LMS Can Beneficial for Manufacturing Industries?

Each unit of the manufacturing industry has different challenges. Even more so, each unit’s departments face even more diverse challenges. There is often a lack of process, knowledge, skills and training in such large organizations (and this is found across many industries).

But, there is good news. An LMS, such as GyrusAim, can be designed specifically to organizations in the manufacturing industry. Not all industries have the same requirements, codes, and procedures, which is why course customization is an excellent way to increase proficiency and performance. It can also be designed for certain units, departments, organizations and skills. With its ability to easily track on the job training and certifications of its users, Employees can physically show what they have learned through exhibited assessments.

Is GyrusAim LMS the Right Solution?

An LMS like GyrusAim is the perfect solution for these challenges. It strives to help companies remain efficient and effective so that they can continue to remain competitive with other similar organizations. With an LMS, there are less accidents and higher compliance with government regulations because training is managed with effective, Web-based software. Even more, GyrusAim is able to comply with FDA, OSHA, the EPA and state and local authority regulations and integrates Six Sigma Training and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration).

What Do You Achieve Through GyrusAim LMS

Manufacturing companies will see improved quality, increased productivity, reduced production error, reduced waste and a higher rate of return on investments. With GyrusAim’s reporting feature, employee’s proficiency and performance can be tracked real time and exported.