Activate Formal Learning

Jun 19, 2014
Activate Formal Learning

Most people are familiar with these statistics:

  • 70% of development happens on the job
  • 20% is through mentoring and coaching
  • 10% is through formal learning which includes instructor led workshops and e-learning courses

Not only are these statistics familiar, they intuitively make sense. We have grown up with teachers, coaches and parents telling us “practice makes perfect”. So, we practiced and practiced and got better and better at riding a bike or playing the piano.

  1. Even though 70% of development or skill building happens on the job, where do most corporations spend their learning and development budgets?
  2. Answer: On formal training where only 10% of development happens.

  3. How do they help their learners practice and apply the content from the course on the job?
  4. Answer: GyrusAim Skill Centric LMS and Vado’s courses as every Vado course contains step by step instruction on how to apply on the job.