9 Things about Learning Management Systems your Boss Wants to Know?

Viren Kapadia Aug 07, 2019
9 Things about Learning Management Systems your Boss Wants to Know?

Investing in a new concept means investing huge bucks, which is certainly not preferred by any employer. However, being the head of the ‘learning and development department’ in your organization, it is your duty to influence senior management regarding what’s best for your employees and the organization. Even if your organization does not have an L&D department, it is very important for you, as a responsible employee, to make your leadership aware of some important highlights of modern learning management systems.

  1. What is LMS?

    An LMS or learning management system is a software application that focuses on creating, managing and organizing eLearning courses to impart necessary training to the learners/employees. You can not only train your employees, but also track their completion of the course and know how well they are now performing.

  2. What are the benefits of using an LMS?

    As an LMS helps you improve the skill sets of your employees, it is undoubtedly, a great method to boost your business growth. In addition, an LMS benefits you in the following ways -

    • Cut training costs and save time
    • 24-hour access to online learning content
    • Easy to update
    • Caters to your specific business needs and learner’s individual training needs
  3. Problems solved by an LMS

    These added benefits are only part of the picture. Your boss should be apprised of what types of problems can be solved using a learning management system.

    • Training costs going too high
    • Low level of knowledge retention
    • Non-engaged participants
    • Students self-directing the learning path
  4. How it can be used?

    Let your boss know that good LMS platforms can be used 24/7 via internet from any corner of the world on virtually any mobile device. Your employees will be able to access learning at their convenience. Based on the job role, highly individualized learning plans can be created using an LMS.

  5. Why traditional training is history

    Your boss will want to know why they should stop traditional training. Share data about the costs involved in current classroom training practices, which is considerably higher than e-learning. Although the online learning cost might appear to be large initially, when you demonstrate how instructor hiring cost, travel, and accommodation cost, etc., would be minimized, your boss will understand the cost-effectiveness of opting for an LMS.

  6. How learners will be engaged

    Often online learning is regarded by learners to be poorly executed, boring and dull, so it pays to discuss how the LMS can engage your learners. An LMS can engage your employees through game-based learning (gamification), and through social and informal learning styles.

  7. What about HR systems?

    One of the most important concerns your boss may have is regarding smooth integration with your HR system. Your boss needs to know that most of the modern learning management systems integrate well with all other systems in the organizations, including the HR system, and will be able to automatically update with changes from your HR data.

  8. Time to implement an LMS

    You should make sure your leadership knows that the right time to implement an LMS in your organization is dependent on multiple factors, for example, the type of LMS provider you choose, and your needs concerning integration before or during the launch.

  9. Why would there be a need to change your current LMS?

    There may be some instances where you will need to change your LMS. You will want to make your boss aware that as new technologies have emerged, your current LMS may not be keeping up, and you’ll need to change or upgrade the existing LMS.

suggestiong a new, out-of-the-box learning solution to senior management is often a very difficult task. But, it is not impossible. If you highlight these points to your leadership you’ll help them see the value.