5 must-have features for a training tracking software

Viren Kapadia May 26, 2021
5 must-have features for a training tracking software

An effective and good training tracking software can help in simplifying employee onboarding and making it more efficient to help you get the results you want from the e-Learning or employee training programs being implemented in your organization. However, it is no secret that choosing and implementing new technology can be a daunting and challenging task. There is a lot of research that goes into finding the best training tracking software that compliments the needs of your business and the goals and objectives you want to achieve. However, as overwhelming as new software can be, it also comes with a plethora of benefits that can help in optimizing processes and help in replacing manual and time-consuming tasks or roles with solutions that not only save time but also boost productivity. While every business is different and has unique needs, here are 5 must-have features that every organization should look for in good training tracking software to ensure that it is effective and user-friendly!

Cloud-based with quick online access

One of the first and foremost things you should consider while scouting for a good training tracking software for your organization is whether or not it is cloud-based and provides quick online access. This is a crucial factor to consider when you are researching for the best training tracking software as your employees and e-Learning teams need quick and instant access to information, whether they are meeting company executives or sitting at their desks. A training tracking software should be accessible at the click of a button at all times and should ideally be desktop and mobile-friendly. Moreover, an online and digital registration system can make enrollments faster and easier. Another advantage of cloud-based training tracking software is that they enable the customization of access and level of access for each employee, giving you as an organization the liberty to grant limited or full functionality to everyone in your workforce- from new employees to managers to supervisors.

Effective reporting system with seamless data extraction

A good training tracking software should also have an effective reporting system since it will collect a huge volume of data and ensuring that it has reporting functionality is crucial. This will help you or your managers in reporting on and studying this important data optimally. An effective data reporting system also means that it is well-integrated to make the process all the more simple and easy because you would not have to waste precious time on exporting and importing data to compile reports for meetings and performance assessments. A good training tracking software will also generate automated reports to add to your convenience, which will be updated instantly and in real-time to ensure the manual work that you have to put in is reduced by a considerable amount. Hence, another must-have feature for any good training tracking software is seamless data extraction with comprehensive data reporting and automated generation of reports.

Easy and powerful integrations with learning management systems

If you work with a learning management system, your training tracking software must be easily integrated to enable consistent and constant monitoring of your eLearning teams. A good and well-integrated training tracking software can help you monitor a plethora of metrics such as:

  • Who has completed a training program or course
  • Progress of employees in courses
  • Activity data for eLearning courses
  • Assessments and results
  • Compliance measures and statistics
  • Overall performance and challenges, if any, faced by employees in the program

Powerful integrations also ensure instant compatibility with robust tech stacks, and when you are researching functionality, you should also look for software that provides an open API. This helps in harnessing the power of existing programs and integrating training tracking software with other tools already in use. Hence, this is also an important feature to look out for when searching for training tracking software.

Course-scheduling features

Course scheduling features are not limited or exclusively reserved for companies or organizations selling courses externally. A course scheduling system can act as a vital and effective tool when it comes to training your internal teams in a variety of ways. It offers exclusive features such as scheduling different internal training programs seamlessly whether they are classroom-based, conducted on an eLearning platform, or blended. This enables the tracking of all training that takes place from one central point, no matter which delivery method you opt for. Course scheduling features also enable you to assign staff to each of your training programs so you get a better overview of all the programs you have scheduled, and which employee is attending which course. Therefore, these course scheduling features are a great add-on to the list of must-have features for good training tracking software.

Personalized learning tracks

Finally, a good training tracking software is all about the extent of personalization and customization it can provide. Training tracking software that comes with features such as learning tracks can make your job much easier and a lot less complicated as it enables you or your training managers to set up customized and personalized training plans for every employee in your organization or eLearning team. This is vital for onboarding,compliance training, and crucial to keep employees in sync with the latest regulations. Once all the training courses have been set up, you or your training managers can assign a personalized training track. This enables greater control and you can even determine the order in which the employees should complete the training and set important deadlines that they need to meet to complete the course successfully to meet the path of the program or course. This means that each time a training session is marked as ‘complete’ in your training tracking software, it will be reflected on the employees’ learning path as well. Hence, this must-have feature is essential to keep you and your employees up to date with the progress of training programs for a specific duration.

Powerful training tracking software with these five features can help you and your organization to save valuable time, money, and other resources by providing a solution that is user-friendly, efficient, and boosts productivity by a considerable margin.