Why is User-Generated Content necessary for your LMS?

Viren Kapadia June 21, 2021
Why is User-Generated Content necessary for your LMS?

Learning management systems are here to stay in the truest sense, being a one-stop-shop for all your organization's development, growth, and learning needs. With a quick deployment and efficient tracking of the various training modules, organizations can count on them for their enterprise needs. Monitoring progress, measuring performance, and generating detailed reports, the learning management system is the platform that caters to the needs of the various internal and external stakeholders involved.

The various types of LMS include cloud-based ones, SaaS, and open-source LMS. Most of these LMS provide users with options to create their courses, enable instructors to create teams, publish user-related courses, allow communication within the user community, and track individual goals. Also, there is visibility on what others within the organization are learning, gamifying the experience, providing certification and analytical insights.

Enterprises around the globe use LMS to impart general training, provide certification to employees by imparting emerging skills required to perform better at their jobs. Onboarding and customer training are also taken care of within the boundaries of your learning management systems. Some of the top features that are desired in an LMS include live video conferencing, integrated talent management, mobile learning, gamification, and social learning. The most used features in the LMS include assessment tools, learning paths, and compliance tracking.

What is UGC?

Any type of content that is created and put out there on the internet by the user is called user-generated content. This could typically be images, videos, documents, or any other form of content. User-generated content (UGC) will be used to better deliver training. This is an upcoming trend that the industry needs to watch out for in 2021 and beyond.

Here users promote content. Content curation offers on-demand and relevant content to users. Also, content is curated from existing knowledge bases and the public domain. This can support formal training, offers recommended learning paths, and most importantly, keeps the costs down. Brands leverage UGC to enhance their ranking and show how their clients and customers love their brand.

If there is no reliable content, they will not make any progress.

How do we use UGC?

User-generated content is what your customer, client, and audience make about your product, services, or brand. So how do you get your users to create content for you?

  • Don’t be afraid to ask for opinions, feedback, reviews, suggestions, and idea submissions. These are important content generated by your real users.
  • Give your audience incentives be it a contest, promotion, or discounts.
  • Become customer-centric and start focusing on caring genuinely for your customers.
  • Collaborate by having your product reviewed by an influencer as people listen when these people talk and keep it real.

86% of the millennials consider UGC to be an indicator of the brand quality and positivity

Why is UGC so powerful?

  • It creates brand awareness
  • It feels authentic and, in turn, builds trust
  • It builds a community of a loyal and connected group of people

92% of people are more likely to trust their friends' recommendations rather than promotion by the brands themselves even though they might state the same thing

How can you leverage UGC in your LMS?

I am sure you have experienced interactive discussions within communities and forums where learners contribute many different forms of user-generated content. These contributions from participating learners are a rich source of UGC. As an organization, you need to just worry about motivating, encouraging, and supporting your learners to contribute more to the platform.

Find below some tricks to start implementing UGC in your learning content:

  • Identify streams to generate UGC to complement existing learning and training programs that are open to both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Educate people to generate this useful content and provide them with the training and tools to help them make an earnest attempt.
  • Let people access other content that is available to better understand and replicate similarly. Identify areas of experimentation.
  • Quality is important, and time spent reviewing the content before pushing it to the broader audience is well spent. Also, the use of social learning tools and effective rating by other users is going to ensure good quality content that lasts over some time.
  • Consider scale and set clear boundaries.

A research survey pointed out that user-generated content drove over a 73% increase in email click-through rates.This is a testimony to how UGC can drive the conversion of your training emails. When you have decided to plunge into UGC to drive employee engagement, the starting step would be to crafting a strategy to effectively grow your learning library.

Benefits of User-Generated Learning Content

  • It provides a big boost to learner engagement and builds trust.
  • There is a community built with its own unique culture, as the knowledge is captured and organically shared within the organization
  • How people deal with learnings, challenges, and strategies, and tips and tricks provides a real-world learning scenario.
  • Diverse viewpoints are captured and shared, and this leads to voicing opinions and leading to innovations and hackathons.
  • Finally, cost-wise, this is easy on your pocket as you no longer spend for the subject matter experts. All you need is out there, needing some minor tweaks and making content available.


There is a lot of stress on the learning and development teams in high-performance organizations to tackle the new generation workforce that look for quick growth. Every day, a new company is joining the list of leveraging user-generated content in their eLearning systems. Many such successful and engaging stories in the open have a positive effect on employee performance and employee engagement. Shouldn’t you ensure your organization strives for employee growth and satisfaction? Begin by developing your UGC-driven plan with Gyrus today.

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