Why do Extended Enterprises need a Learning Management System in 2022?

Viren Kapadia May 9, 2022
Why do Extended Enterprises need a Learning Management System in 2022?

Interconnection is crucial in terms of competition. An Expanded Enterprise LMS (learning management system) allows a company to share its resources and training with a more significant population. The notion behind the extended enterprise is that an organization's performance is determined by its whole network, not just its internal workforce. This audience will consist of clients and consultants from various enterprises, career trajectories, and backgrounds.

A well-executed company-wide training strategy has a cascade effect. It guides your customers' and partners' success, and its learning benefits are enormous, touching everything from sales to engagement to retention.


Customers, suppliers, business partners, sales force, and freelancers in different sectors may be part of an extended enterprise. An LMS designed for such enterprises will certainly assist your company in various ways.

The seven most common extended enterprise LMS benefits are listed below.


    The onboarding process for newly hired staff could become complex, time-consuming, costly, and unsuccessful given the lack of adequate preparation and organization. Furthermore, new workers may get demotivated and struggle to adjust to their new roles.

    An inefficient onboarding process could be risky in hospitality, retail, and construction businesses. Consider the following scenario: if new employees are not adequately taught their tasks, it may not only affect their confidence at the start of their careers but may also harm the organization's reputation and success.

    As a measure, employers should make new employees feel welcomed and informed. They need to redesign their onboarding process to make it more effective for new hires, and an Extended Enterprise LMS is a perfect method to do that.

    Let's take a look at how an extended enterprise LMS may meet the specific needs of the onboarding process.

    • Provides basic information about the organization and job responsibilities
    • Creates a corporate culture
    • Assesses new hires' knowledge quickly and early
    • Tracks growth and reporting for analysis
    • Saves money and time

    Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could provide your entire value chain with engaging compliance training? Yes, and your L&D team can even create customized training courses to tackle all concerns. An extended enterprise LMS is what you employ if you need consistent compliance reporting regardless of where the training occurs. You'll be able to deliver training courses to individuals worldwide while also taking localization into mind. Furthermore, such technology will aid you in tracking compliance and ensuring that the operating procedures are working correctly.


    As a business, you must effectively reach out to and educate your extended network if you want to stay ahead of the competition. A learning management system (LMS) can help your company achieve its goals. You may create online certification programs, provide support resources, track and assess your training goals with analytics, improve customer service, and even lower compliance risks.

    Extended enterprise LMS software is the way of the future for customer-centric businesses. More and more companies are devoting a significant portion of their training resources to educating their customers.


    The extended enterprise LMS significantly impacts how customers engage with your service or accept your product.

    Training enables your company to provide a great customer experience than that of its competitors. You're giving them the skills they need to succeed and showing them how the job and their lives will be better as a result. They are more likely to adapt and stay involved if they constantly learn. They grow more invested in your company as time goes on.


    You want to make the most of your support staff's time. You want them to have high-value discussions with your customers and partners, but your support channels can quickly become congested with common, easy-to-answer concerns.

    A simple approach to this is to train your extended enterprise. Your support team's time is freed up to deliver more excellent help to your extended enterprise in the areas that matter by collecting a list of common Q&As. As a result, support costs are lowered, resulting in a better outcome for all parties concerned.


    Today, the retention rate is essential. It provides information about the health and success of your customers, partners, and company as a whole.

    Training improves the retention percentage of your customers and partners by assisting them in overcoming the roadblocks to their success. Because they are more aware of the value of your product and the features you give, you can provide better assistance. Clients and partners who are happy and prosperous will stay longer.

    But what about your external workforce? Whether it's a remote sales team or a franchise, an extended enterprise LMS may help you retain excellent external talent. It's entirely up to you how you organize and design your portals. To train your in-house personnel, you may use a top-level portal. Anything related to compliance training, employee on-boarding, and the like can go here. You can then use a sub-portal to instruct learners who are part of your larger organization.

    With extended enterprise LMS your stakeholders will be free to adapt their learning platform to their requirements. You may use such technology to properly train everyone from contractors to resellers, dealers, and any other type of partner. Training your extended workforce is the most effective strategy to improve and grow your company.


    Educating your extended enterprise has a two-fold effect on your revenue streams. Resellers and distributors will better understand your messaging, product or service, and sales cycle. This allows everyone involved to sell more by addressing the wants of their customers. This enhances the likelihood of up-selling because satisfied consumers will return for more.

    Customer training emphasizes how your products, features, and services tie in with what they're already using, boosting the possibility that they'll invest more.


Now that you've learned about the advantages, investing in this cutting-edge software is the next step.

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