What Are The Best Ways To Leverage Blended Learning Platforms?

Viren Kapadia September 29, 2021
What Are The Best Ways To Leverage Blended Learning Platforms?

Online employee training systems have made their way into corporate and institutional upskilling programs. All because of the benefits it provides to today’s competitive environment and workforce. Many companies have joined the bandwagon and replaced their expensive instructor-led training with e-learning programs and simulations. To overcome the setbacks of the traditional teaching methods, professionals have combined the best of both the training methods with blended learning platforms. To upgrade the skills and capabilities of the end-learners, every promising company or educational institute is routing for this type of learning.

Blended training is one of the ideal approaches to learning as it smartly eliminates the limitations of training by bringing the best of both worlds. In offline Instructor-led training (ILT), the users can interact with the instructors, solve their doubts, and get individual attention. Whereas Online learning offers flexibility to learn and even revisit the concepts till they completely excel in a particular skill. But, the learners should know how to leverage this training platform to get the best benefits.

How to make the best use of blended learning platforms?

No doubt, blended learning is far more effective than solely applying traditional or online-based learning. Various case studies have also proved the performance outcomes of this form of learning. Considering the facts, more than 70% of LMS users are adopting this type of education and training. It won’t work favorably for the employees if the online and offline learning environments are used separately as it lacks cohesiveness.

To overcome this loophole, Gyrus’s top Learning Management Systems aims to provide a seamless learning experience with its robust functionality that takes classroom training to the next level. There are many other offerings in our LMS that support blended learning. Here’s understand how you should switch to Blended Learning platforms to generate better learning results:

  • Customize Learning Paths

    The needs of every learner are different depending upon the skill, job roles, work environment, and other deciding factors. It for sure creates the need for customized/ individualized learning models. Instructors can create learning paths by customizing courses on LMS that often turn valuable for learners to achieve competency in specific areas. The same learning paths can be created for the teams as well. It also includes assessment tools that effectively evaluate the learners. They can check their progress from one level to another by passing an online or offline assessment of a particular course.

    The benefit of formulating these learning paths is they enable the learners to join the scattered dots. It helps them to view e-Learning and offline training modules as a whole to get better learning results. Instructors can even change the pace of specific learning paths, depending upon the complexity of the modules or whether the targets are going forward or falling behind the goals. The range of flexibility is phenomenal in Gyrus LMS.

  • Collaboration Tools

    Imagine using a learning system where you can incorporate other productivity tools to make your learning more engaging. The best advantage of using blended learning platforms is instructors can provide learners several collaboration tools to create their learning experience. There are so many tools to be leveraged. If social media, various online forums, and other learning resources are employed with the right course, they can positively change the pace of learning, like sharing ideas about the course through Twitter hashtags or peer networking in social spaces. Within an LMS, trainers can set up offline sessions through discussion boards. They can discuss course content, ask questions, provide answers, share related resources, and much more.

    Learners can even rate the courses, depending upon their experience. The crucial feedback helps the instructors to further improve their performance. Using collaboration tools is the best way to leverage blended learning programs as they increase the interaction and interest of the users. It facilitates discussions and continues the learning even after the session.

  • Create Engaging Content

    Content is the king in today’s knowledge-based industry. It decides whether a course will be sold in the market or not. Make sure you put the best content to formulate a particular course on an LMS for a better-blended learning experience. To make it happen, you must have a clear understanding of the available tools and their applications. Using rich media formats like audio/video, graphics, animations, virtual and augmented reality, you or instructors can add variety and impact to the content for a great blended learning experience.

    Technologically advanced models like 3D give more depth and understanding to the learner to better grasp the concepts. It enables the instructors to effectively and efficiently teach the concepts. Considering the applications, it works for both parties that positively changes the pace and approach of education and training.

  • Enable Virtual Classroom Functionality

    This feature of an LMS learning portal allows learners to log in hassle-free and attend instructor-led lessons from anywhere! Today’s learners look for ease of reach. When they are provided with this facility, it encourages them to complete their training. Providing a virtual classroom with features like audio/video streaming, whiteboards, media streaming, and embedded chats allows users to participate in the session and ask their queries in an engaging way possible.

    Satisfaction reaches above the par level when these sessions also have recording and sharing options. Gyrus LMS Learning portal carries all these features to make blended learning accessible and effective for the users. Virtual classrooms are the need for businesses of all sizes as it’s difficult to separate employees from their work for classroom training. A blended platform is the best option that has the same impact but provides extra flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, and anyplace.

Once you know how to implement blended learning platforms by conducting in-depth research, you are good enough to equip a skilled workforce. Gyrus Learning Management System combines the right knowledge, skills, and expertise to create a blended learning environment as per your needs. Reach us today and get your training needs solved with our best LMS offerings!