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  • Santa clara valley water district
  • PWD - philadelphia water department
I think in general, Gyrus is very responsive to the needs of their customers. And when you come up with a request or a problem, they’re quick to act on it. - AB, Public Utilities

Solution for Utilities

How can we help?

Highly regulated industries like power generation, waste-water treatment, energy resources and transmission companies all face increasingly complex, costly and burdensome regulations and rules. At Gyrus Systems, we understand the toll that ever-increasing regulations and rule-making are taking on the industry, diverting resources from critical business functions and slowing down internal processes. GyrusAim offers you a competitive advantage, automating compliance and training functions so you can focus on your customers and your business.

Why you will love it?

Administrators will benefit from automated certification reminders, designated training, self-serve or external training reporting, and tracking of continuing education to reduce certification gaps. Individual Development Plans will also help to remove the burden from administrators by helping employees identify skill gaps in their current role. On-demand eLearning will make it easy to get up to speed on new technologies, regulations, and rules, while mobile accessibility will them to do it anywhere. Automation services will greatly reduce the paperwork administrators often have to fill out. These functions include certification reminders for expiration and renewal, skill expiration reminders, past due reminders, and classroom reminders.

Finding success with GyrusAim!

GyrusAim will help you to manage training effectively and efficiently over a dispersed workforce. You can easily support ISO 9001 competency management efforts, and increase safety compliance, resulting in reduced injuries. We can integrate into Organization Universities or Learning Centers to provide a seamless experience for your end-users. Use GyrusAim to deliver eLearning quickly and easily, deliver regulatory-based courses and learning to all employees, and improve talent management efforts overall.