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GyrusAim product is now Experience API (Tin Can API) Compliant

GyrusAim: API (Tin Can API) Compliant

Richmond, VA · April 12, 2013Gyrus Systems, a leading Learning Management Systems (LMS) vendor, announced today that its GyrusAim product is now Experience API (Tin Can API) compliant.

The Experience API, formerly referred to as the Tin Can API, is an application programming interface (API) specification for the interoperability of data produced by technology. The Experience API is considered the next generation of SCORM. These specifications, or standards, are what define how formal and informal learning activities are tracked and measured by Learning Record Stores, or LMSs.

“Making our flagship GyrusAim application Tin Can compliant sets the stage for many new features in the near future,” said Viren Kapadia, President and CEO of Gyrus Systems. “We’re leveraging the new Tin Can API or ‘Experience API’ specification to add exciting new capabilities for managing people’s total learning experience, not just classroom or eLearning courses. The possibilities are endless.”

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