Know The Employee Training Progress With The Tracking Software

Viren Kapadia March 30, 2022
Know The Employee Training Progress With The Tracking Software

How would you know whether your employees are learning efficiently in the training programs or not? Are they acquiring all the necessary and in-demand industry skills? Well, employee training tracking software helps you do that. It’s an advanced tool that tracks the training progress of the employees. This software makes sure that your training program is the same for every employee and everyone is gaining the knowledge they need to perform successfully in their job role.

There are still many organizations that feel that the reliable team of the HR department is enough to make sure that employees are duly completing their training programs. They are partially correct. It’s not like the HR department can’t do its job efficiently, but the applicability of the training tracking software just eases their load. They can ensure the performance of employees in upskilling programs. The HRs will get all the insights into who has taken the training, when they have completed it, what their feedback is, and much more!

Why is it so essential to track the employee progress in training programs?

You make a considerable amount of investment in providing the training programs. The motive is simple: to bring out the potential of your competent workforce who can deliver the best performance in their job roles. Your investment will be worth it when this vision fulfills with utmost sincerity. Isn’t it? The returns of training programs just get better when you constantly monitor the employee's progress.

You can correct the loopholes in the training programs if there are any. Employees don’t have to suffer because of the learning setbacks. They’ll continue to upskill in the best way possible. It drives their engagement and motivates them to perform the best in your company’s training program. They can also leave their honest feedback on an online employee training platform.

When employees get the best learning programs from your end, they’ll continue to stay loyal to your company. This way, you’ll be able to retain top talent by investing your time, money, and effort inefficient training programs.

How to track employee training progress with this software?

The implementation of advanced technology can bring profitable results for your company. The same applies to training programs as well. Tracking software makes the work of your HR department a lot easier. As a result, the efficiency of your training programs reaches the most productive level. Here’s understand how:

  • Setup personalized training programs

    It’s the power of the top learning management systems that set up personalized training plans for every employee. They can fix their own schedule based on their job role and the nature of their work. Instead of taking the generalized training, they can choose the courses and timings based on their skillsets.

    The competent employees can be ahead of time to complete their training programs. Once the workforce completes the courses according to their schedule, the HRs can assign them further training plans. They have to log into the tracking software and work their way with ease.

  • A detailed view of employee progress

    If you want to achieve success in the long run, you need to equip your employees to their best potential. They have to learn the in-demand skills in training programs. LMS does this work for you. It provides a detailed view of employee progress in training. It gives you insights into how the upskilling sessions are working, whether employees are learning the must-have courses or not, and are they applying those skills in their jobs or not.

    Ensuring this motive becomes crucial when it comes to new hires. They need to learn in-demand skills and understand the company’s compliance procedures. Before they move on to the more complex training, they’ll acquire the basic skills efficiently.

  • Employees will complete training in the correct sequence

    Skipping the basic training programs seems a good option for many employees. In practicality, it leads to disastrous results in the long run. Whenever they get on a high-level project, they won’t have the skills to execute it successfully. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of the HR department to ensure that employees are completing their training programs in the correct sequence.

    The top LMS platforms make the motives of the HR department strong as it tracks the employee performance in previous training programs and then allows them to proceed further. In short, it sets the entire learning journey for employees.

  • Increased visibility into training programs

    The instructors will do their job by teaching the best industry skills to employees. In the end, it’s up to them how they utilize those learnings in their jobs. With the tracking software, the instructors can ensure that employees are learning the best skills by diligently attending the e-learning programs. It has the ability to see in an instant what training every employee has completed. Here’s understand how:

    • a. Keeping track of mandatory upskilling sessions
    • b. Check who has attended the training programs
    • c. Brings visibility to your company’s training platforms
    • d. The HR department will always have a fair idea about employee training progress
    • e. Timely reporting and auditing of training programs
  • A clear onboarding plan for new hires

    The tracking software is beneficial for new hires as well. It sets up a clear onboarding plan that allows them to know even the minor details of your corporate culture. They don’t have to juggle here and there to know the standard procedures of your company.

    When they gain all the necessary knowledge, instructors can create a learning path. Courses will be automatically added to their list. By learning them, new hires can bring desired results.

Make the best use of online training program software

Upskilling is a vital part of employee careers. You can set it right by using the best online LMS platforms. It delivers the best training and makes sure that the workforce has the industry skills. Gyrus LMS has the potential to fulfill the upskilling needs of your workforce. It allows you to track their performance hassle-free.