How To Make Employees Excited For Training

Viren Kapadia June 2, 2021
How To Make Employees Excited For Training

Just with the name of “Training”, your employees start making excuses to avoid attending it. Most of the employees consider training sessions as a waste of their time which is not true! The negative attitude of employees towards training can impact your business’ growth drastically. So, one thing that every organization should consider as a priority is to never let its employees stay uninvolved during their training sessions. When employees feel passionate about their training, they put maximum effort into their work. You cannot force your employees to attend training but there is one thing you can do and that is taking a positive approach and inspiring them.

Employee engagement is vital for the growth of every organization. Though there are several exciting online employee training platforms yet you cannot expect your employees to learn well if they are not ready for it. Employee training software programs work the best when your employees are well indulged in them and are excited to learn new things each new day. Also, trudging your employees into a board room and repeating the same topic for the third time is the worst approach you can ever take. Only getting high attendance in training sessions should not be the motive of an organization, making them participate willingly should be!

When you make your employees excited and willing to participate in various training activities, you connect them emotionally with the organization and its goals. Your employees will have a deep-seated desire in their hearts for training only when you can push them and let them feel involved. Intrinsic motivation matters a lot when it comes to employee training. But the main question is how do you motivate your employees to experience some of the amazing online employee training platforms? Just to clear the air, we have jotted down some of the best ways to make your employees excited for their training. Let’s have a look:

Develop Engaging Content

To bring about a notable improvement in training ROI, it is essential to look at the cost structure of training. The traditional methods of imparting training cost heavy. A brick and mortar classroom with the requisite infrastructure, trainee travel, and associated costs, upkeep and maintenance costs, trainer wages and remuneration, material hard copies, etc. all add up to considerable per trainee expenditure. Newer methods of e-learning and mobile training are cost-efficient, leaner ways of imparting knowledge and upskilling employees.

Scalability and speed without sacrificing content and ability are the hallmarks of such technologies. Adopting these tech-based methods as the core of LMS will help generate better training ROI. More importantly, it can enable a focused approach in a short time to train specific target groups with specialized know-how. For instance, a project that is potentially a revenue spinner can be successfully invested into with the support of project-specific training to the set of people who will run the project. This will automatically translate to higher levels of revenue with lower overheads and a higher ROI for the business. Decisions regarding resource allocation and project selection will become easier when it is known that the backup training system can efficiently repurpose and bring the team concerned up to speed. Quickly creating such ninja teams of highly trained professionals for specific projects will yield good returns and uptick the training ROI.

Organize Fun Activities

Online employee training should NEVER be boring! No organization wants to bend its employees’ ears during their training sessions. To avoid sending your employees to sleep, organizing fun activities in between the training sessions is A MUST! Your employees can be innovative and productive only when they are happy and inspired. Keep organizing small tasks and team games so that it refreshes their mind and they can get back to work with a wide smile. Making work an enjoyable place is very important because only then your employees can remember whatever they learn. Get the balance right; let them play interesting team games for one hour after 2 hours of their learning sessions.

Make Them Aware Of the Long Term Benefits

Everyone loves rewards! So, when your employees know what benefits they will enjoy after completing their training sessions, they attend them enthusiastically. Avoid making simple review sessions organize a good employee training program where your employees get the chance to enhance their knowledge and skills that will help them in a long run. Along with giving them opportunities to enhance their skills during training sessions, organizations should also give them prizes in the form of event tickets, free food passes, cash prizes, etc. To let them grow during their training sessions, keep organizing healthy competitions. Competitions will fill them with the zeal and desire to win and they keep thriving until they achieve what they want (And this is exactly what helps everyone in climbing up the ladder of success).

Make the Training Flexible

When you make training mandatory for employees, they see it as a burden and keep making excuses to skip it. So make sure you never let your employees see their training sessions as a burden. Keep multiple days to attend mandatory training so they do not feel like they have to complete everything in one day. Along with the days, it is also important to offer them flexible timings so they can attend the training sessions according to their schedule rather than the organization. Make the training available on-demand keeping in mind the tight schedule of employees. Also, the training content should be available on different platforms like laptops, mobile phones as well as tablets so that your employees do not face any issues while attending their mandatory training.

Value Your Employees

Who doesn’t like being valued? Providing flexibility in courses is not enough, let your employees know that they are being valued and heard. Ask your employees what they want to learn rather than developing content according to the organization’s needs and imposing it on them. They take active participation in training sessions when they know that the information presented in front of them is selected by them only.

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