How can online learning and training promote business continuity

Viren Kapadia June 7, 2021
How can online learning and training promote business continuity

Business Continuity Management

Online learning or e-learning provides a meaningful learning experience through live webinars and recorded videos, which is in many cases better than a conventional learning experience. The COVID-19 lockdown situation is the most devastating experience which made the world freeze in 2020. Every company strives to continue its work amidst the pandemic situation. The production and consumption of goods were highly impacted; many lost their jobs, unemployment increased. The urge for knowledge and commitment to the work made the students, teachers; business people, IT, and corporate officers push their limits and start a new episode of working from home. Overall, e-learning served as a plan-B during the crisis. E-learning was the best strategy for ensuring ongoing business and administrative operations, known as "Business Continuity Management" (BCM).

Adapting businesses to the new normal

Without proper training on business continuity management, a company can suffer a massive loss during a crisis that can collapse the core functions. The online platform induced new confidence that the world of business can still proceed in the virtual world. The ongoing and future businesses are on a compulsion to create dynamic capabilities to plan and execute most of their negotiations in the online platforms. A company needs to have an alternate plan of action in the case of external catastrophes. This planning will help a company to analyze and categorize risks to restore their business.

Businesses reacting to a crisis

To prevent the collapse of operations and services in a company during a crisis, we need a strategic and operational framework to increase corporate resilience constantly. To prevent a brain drain in a company, every employee must undergo rigorous training in BCM to uphold their commitment to their profession in any scenario. Business control management training is the key to navigate through the work even in a pandemic situation like COVID-19. Assessing a business's risk factor during a crisis will enable it to mitigate its potential negative impact.

Online learning and training

With rapidly growing science and technology, e-learning platforms have undergone dramatic changes in recent days and need the hour. E-learning management is getting highly complex and competitive. Online learning and training play a critical role in equipping and enabling organizations to adapt to the crisis. The new employees certainly benefit through learning the training contents from online learning systems to enhance their skills.

Through e-learning and training, a new employee learns about crisis management and gets ideas on business continuity plans to build workforce resilience. Any employee will be able to gain professional development through online training programs. Such pieces of training will give the workforce enough confidence to deal with any critical situation. BCM learning has seven parts:

  • Scope of business continuity management
  • Environmental analysis
  • Risk assessment
  • Business continuity management and strategy design
  • Business continuity plan design
  • Training implementation and maintenance
  • Testing and evaluation of BCM

This improved model of business continuity management aims to ensure business continuity. It provides continuity capabilities and helps organizations or companies confirm critical factors affecting business development and other possible threats. The scope of Business continuity management encompasses business service grading and sorting. It also decomposes business targets into sub-target, groups the same or similar objects into categories, and sets a management process for each type. Environmental analysis of e-learning elaborates information architecture, application architecture, and technical architecture. Risk assessment ventures to find the problems of e-learning and estimate potential losses of that risk.

A flexible mindset is necessary to focus, disregarding distractions, stress, and information overload that can significantly impact employee performance. The online training programs should also equip their employees with soft skills and language skills, which helps a work environment irrespective of their work division or designation. A company should plan the tasks to distribute work to their employees even if they are not at the office and can work remotely. Employee training contents have to be managed to teach the workforce to do smart work to meet the deadlines. Hence, time management courses are also necessary, which can be done through its online tutorial.

Preparation of online training contents

It is always a clever idea to prepare the contents of an online training program before a crisis approaches. Online training contents are always handy to keep the business running steadily, whether the problem is big or small. A company should have backup content ready and execute the backup training at the time of setback. This plan will ensure that the employees are engaged in quality learning. A Learning Management System (LMS) becomes indispensable for any company that strives for better output around the calendar.

Adaptability is the prime characteristic that will help a company to cope up with new business norms. To adapt to new work culture, businesses must be welcoming to the latest technology and be self-sustainable to manage them. Staying updated on the technologies is an excellent practice to tackle the situations like server failure and cyber-crime. Administrators need to address the employee's problems with empathy and compassion. Every employee must be taught how to establish resilience in their mind and the company during an unexpected business disruption through online learning.

The soft skills training combined with social learning tools in an LMS helps tackle the hard times to execute business continuity management. It should become an integral part of online learning and training programs. A company can also outsource the learning materials from eLearning content vendors.

Where and how to learn BCM?

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